It's not quitting, it's getting out of a bad situation.

Cindy Sheehan is quitting the peace movement. And why is that? Because of us. Or, rather, because this is a nation that believes the filthy Republic Party memes and propaganda catapulted by the right-wing media. Because most people just keep watching American Idol rather than paying attention to the murder of Americans. Because the Democrats in Congress, except for a few who had some pirnciples, capitulated to the architect of human suffering people jokingly call "the President". Because peace can't win when the people who own the world want war.

It breaks my heart to know this. I tried. Honestly, I did. But when one of the biggest figures of a movement walks away, you just know that morale is slipping. Either that, or they're simply tired. I'd wager that's a lot of it - she's tired of the lies, the smears, the hate. I know I would be.

Have a good life, Cindy Sheehan. Even if you're quitting this movement, I'm not. I've got a war of my own to win - the war against death. It's an uphill battle, I know. But I'm going to fight until the last, god damn it. It's the only thing I can do.


"Will of the people? Who cares about that?"


The war continues. Despite the best efforts of those who want an end to the pointless murder of our troops, the war continues. Despite the nay votes of many sane people, the war continues. Despite the will of the people, the war continues.

And to think I hoped for something better.

Random Ten, 05/25/2007

It's the Friday Random Ten, now with more fiber.

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Nightwish - Romanticide
  • Barenaked Ladies - Falling For the First Time
  • SySF. feat. Donna Burke - Star GateHeaven (FUTURE LOVE Mix)
  • Modest Mouse - One Chance
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic - Pancreas
  • Garth Brooks - If Tomorrow Never Comes
  • Sugar Ray - Fly
  • UZI-LAY - Put Your Faith in Me (Saturday Night Mix)
  • Namco - Wings of Faith
  • Graeme Norgate - Chemical Warfare Facility
Good list, considering I haven't been able to do this for a while.


The death of an assbag

Jerry Falwell is dead.

If there is a Hell, he is burning in it. If not, then he is where he always deserved to be anyway.

All good people should celebrate his death.

UPDATE: No, I'm not changing my view on this, nor should I act like I respected him, mor should I act sad because he died. He was an evil person, plain and simple.

Plus, I like Sirkowski's take on this at Liberal Avenger (warning: semi-adult content).

UPDATE AGAIN: You wanna know what's a good microcosm of how people are reacting? The thread on this at Pandagon. It's everything you'd expect - whiny trolls, self-important haters, and lots and lots of people dancing in glee.


Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day.

Go call your mother.

I know I need to.


Explaining my absence.

I admit I missed out on posting for the past several days, and that I didn't post a Random Ten on Firday, so let me explain.

My girlfriend lost her job on Thursday. That means she stays here on the computer all day. Combine that with my rather full work schedule and you get a recipe for silence from here.

Don't worry, this is only a setback.


On my notable silence.

You've probably noticed by now that I've yet to make a peep about Alberto Gonzales and the atorney firings.

Truth is, I don't feel like saying anything, because AGAG's "I don't recall" salvo says everything I could say.