Michael Weiner: Terrorist Supporter and Hater of Americans

From Media Matters for America: Citing more sex-change operations, increased lesbian fertility clinics, Savage said of 9-11: "That was God speaking"
So-called post-Christian times. The churches are emptying out, the bathhouses are filling up, the sex-change operations are speeding up, the lesbian fertility clinics are increasing around the country. And the country is on the verge of an insane breakdown.


And God, who is the center of this monotheistic religion, has said, "Oh, you don't worship me anymore? Oh, you don't like me anymore? Oh, I don't exist anymore? Really? All right, I'm going to show you boys in Hollywood and you girls in New York City that I do exist. But since you're very hard-headed, stiff-necked people, and you don't really believe that I exist because you've gotten away with everything you've done all your life without any repercussions, I'm going to show you I exist in a way that you can't believe." Down came the World Trade Center towers. That was God speaking.
Michael Weiner is the same as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps, and Osama bin Laden: a pile of solidified hate, shaped into something vaguely resembling a human being. There's no heart, no soul, no thought, just hate for everything and everyone.

I wonder when Weiner is going to be shipped off to "Club Gitmo" for his anti-American, terrorist-supporting statements?

EACS: "You think we should be tolerant? You're fired!"

From Blue Indiana: EACS Teacher to be Fired for Allowing Gay-Tolerance Editorial
I'm sure most people know the gist of this story by now. Woodlan Junior-Senior High School (part of East Allen County Schools) teacher Amy Sorrell was reprimanded for allowing an editorial into the school paper promoting tolerance of homosexuals. As reported in today's JG she is now going to be fired.
I can't believe this. They're railroading her, and for what? Printing an editorial in a school newspaper saying that people should be more tolerant - and then telling the truth about the people who wanted it censored. Like I said, I know I'm living in a backwards, hateful, bigot-filled, conservative, Bible-thumping shithole, so why do we need to regress further into the Dark Ages?

Random Ten, 03/30/2007

It's the Friday Random Ten, and it's still awesome.

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Matchbox 20 - Back 2 Good
  • Franz Ferdinand - Do You Want To
  • Nightwish - The Siren
  • Third Eye Blind - Jumper
  • The Birthday Massacre - Red
  • Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life
  • Beautiful Sin - Lost
  • Fiona Apple - Criminal
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Emit Remmus
  • Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
That's a list to be proud of. Now if only I had the time to import all the music I have on my old CD collection...


Eli Lilly: "Don't discriminate, Indiana"

From BillyZoom's DailyKos diary: Eli Lilly Opposes Same-Sex Marriage Ban - Fundies Go Nuts
If you're familiar with Indiana, you know it's a very conservative state. People here tend to like things the way they are and loathe any kind of change. The state hasn't voted for a Democrat for president since 1964.

Currently, the state is debating a constitutional ammendment that would not only ban gay marriage, but disallow courts from ruling in favor of civil unions.

The proposed ammendment reads like this:
(a) Marriage in Indiana consists only of the union of one man and one woman.
(b) This Constitution or any other Indiana law may not be construed to require that marital status or the legal incidents of marriage be conferred upon unmarried couples or groups.
Well, today, Eli Lilly and company sent a letter to the Speaker of the Indiana House, Pat Bauer, a Democrat whose position is not all that clear. In that letter, Lilly stated its opposition to the ammendment (sic).
Dear Speaker Bauer:
Thank you for asking for our view on the proposed legislation SJR 7, Section 2, (b) and whether Lilly provides domestic partner benefits. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Lilly is one of the largest private employers in Indiana, employing nearly 16,000 people in this state.

In January of 2004, Lilly made the decision to offer domestic partner benefits. Uncertainty around the current language of SJR 7, Section 2, (b) has raised concerns with many Lilly employees in Indiana that these benefits may be at risk. As a result of this uncertainty, some employees may choose to leave Indiana to work in a state where these benefits are perceived not to be threatened.

Given the great lengths Lilly takes to attract and retain top talent from around the world, we oppose any legislation that might impair our ability to offer competitive employee benefits or negatively impact our recruitment and retention.

Beyond this, we are concerned that the proposed legislation sends an unwelcoming signal to current and future employees by making Indiana appear intolerant. As a result, we believe this amendment works against Indiana's stated desire to broaden its appeal to attract new businesses to the state.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment. If I may be of further assistance, please contact me at [phone number].

Tony Murphy, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Thanks to Blue Indiana for transcribing the letter.

And Lilly is right. If Lilly wants to continue to attract quality people from all over the world, it really needs to be able show that its new hires to the headquarters in Indianapolis will be able to work in an open and tolerant environment.

Unfortunately, many of the people of Indiana aren't all that open to or tolerant of people who are different from white heterosexual Hoosiers.
You know, the folks who are behind SJR-7 because it "protects marriage" are usually the same people who are behind doing just about anything to help Indiana's businesses - or, at least, the large ones. A good example? Why, none other than Gov. Mitch Daniels - the former President of Eli Lilly, who's sitting on his hands while his GOP cohorts in the statehouse push this travesty of a bill.

I'm just glad that the people of Indiana aren't being made to vote on this bill, because after some of the hateful, homophobic, outright disgusting comments I've seen about this, I'm afraid it'd pass without a second thought.

It's Always Clinton...

...especially when the comparison is actually correct. From Crooks & Liars: Tweety Slams “Incoherent” Conservatives
After Terry Jeffrey called Hillary Clinton's Iraq position "completely incoherent" on Hardball yesterday, Chris Matthews slammed him and other traditional conservatives, calling their views even more incoherent because they've gotten stuck supporting and defending a war they otherwise wouldn't have.

Full transcript at MSNBC:
JEFFREY: Hillary‘s position is completely incoherent for a number of reasons.

MATTHEWS: You know what is more incoherent? The views of people like you and other traditional conservatives, who never liked this war, but went along with it because the leader, Bush, supported it. You don‘t like this war, Terry. Pat doesn‘t like this war. Bill Buckley doesn‘t like this war. Traditional conservatives don‘t like this war. And yet you went along with it. If this was Clinton‘s war, you wouldn‘t have fought it.
This is a rare instance when the Clinton comparison actually proves something. There's simply no way in hell this country's most prominent war cheerleaders would support the war if Clinton was waging it. Glenn Greenwald compiled an extensive list of GOP pooh-poohing of Clinton's foreign policy and it ain't pretty.
Usually, when someone brings up Bill Clinton, it's a right-wing moron trying to justify something this administration has done - or just trying to throw a red herring into the conversation. I've seen it a lot, even in mindless, disjointed, rambling, baseless, jabbering letters to the editor. This time, it's actually accurate - the Congressional Republicans during the Somalia conflict wanted to cut and run, and Clinton and a few supporters wanted to stay. (The exception to this, from what Glenn's posts tell me, is Sen. Feingold, who wanted us out in both of these cases. Consistency is actually important to some people in Congress - who knew?)

Now the Republicans, many of them still in Congress, want our troops to stay in a place where more people are being killed for far less, and anyone saying we should leave is being painted as an unpatriotic terrorist. Worse yet, they're trying to counter the will of both the Congress and the people by saying that Congress has no power to control the progress of military action, despite doing just that while Clinton was president.

I'd wager none but a few (like Matthews) in the so-called "liberal media" are even willing to bring up this flip-flopping. And I'd wager even more than the few who do dare to bring it up will be smeared.


If Ever You Doubted...

From Crooks and Liars: The Unspoken War: MSM vs. the Dirty, F*ckin’ Hippies.

Liberal media my fat white ass.

New links, March 28, 2007

Added Bilerico to the Local Weblogs section. I should've done so about a week ago, when my girlfriend started reading it.

Anti-gay marriage arguments steeped in hatred

Since when has it become the fashion to print statements of hatred towards members of society? I was so angered by two letters I read in your paper recently ("Tolerance of gays is troubling" & "Saying gay behavior is wrong isn’t homophobic", 03/27/2007) that I nearly ripped the paper up in disgust.

The statements in these letters are revolting, to say the least. One of the letter writers equates being gay with pedophilia and murder, while another repeats the hateful myth of homosexuality being the "sin of Sodom" and refers to anyone who doesn't support that kind of hatred as having "moral bankruptcy". Worse yet, these kind of statements come on the heels of a scandal involving a teacher being fired for publishing a letter in a student newspaper advocation tolerance.

These kind of people push an agenda of pure, unfettered hatred, and are, for some unknown reason, allowed to do so without repercussion. If these kind of statements were being made about Christians, black people, or any number of other groups, would they be printed in your paper so readily?


Souder Hates the Troops

From Fort Wayne Left: Congressman Mark Souder Votes Against Our Troops
Indiana Republican Congressman Mark Souder likes to think he supports our troops in this war. He also seems to hedge towards wanting the war to end without causing complete chaos. He had a golden opportunity to address BOTH of these issues in today's House vote on the Iraqi Supplemental bill and HE FAILED MISERABLY. He failed the veterans in this country. He failed our current military personnel and their families. His vote today was flat out inexcusable and something the people of this district will not forget.

So what did he vote against?

You really must see this post. It's a scathing indictment of Souder for doing exactly what any good person would never do.

Best of all, Jeff's absolutely right about this. Souder's biggest concern isn't about our troops, or about our children, or anything that really matters. No, his concern is about districts that aren't his own and the Mary Jane.

All I can say is, don't blame me, I voted for Hayhurst.

Random Ten, 03/23/2007

It's the Friday Random Ten, again.

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Masato Nakamura - Metropolis Zone
  • Hoobastank - The Reason
  • Hidenori Shoji - Stereo Signal (Pilot Point Result)
  • 180 - PARANOiA
  • Edvard Grieg - The Hall of the Mountain King
  • DJ YOSHITAKA feat. N.S.C. License - NIJIIRO
  • Magnapop - Satellite
  • Koji Kondo - Ultimate Koopa
  • Graeme Norgate - Janus Control Center
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside
That's a pretty varied list.


New links, March 22, 2007

Added Blue Indiana, Left in Aboite, and Taking Down Words to the Local Weblogs section.

Mike Pence: "Sports analogies don't cheapen the deaths of soldiers... Really they don't"

Thomas at Blue Indiana points out something ususual: Mike Pence is totally crazy.
"One of the pieces of advice I give my kids when they are facing challenges, I say to them, you know, people don't like losers, but they like quitters even less. And I think we ought to reflect on that old maxim as we come upon this decision today. If this new strategy in Iraq succeeds in the coming months, what will those who vote for this resolution say? The truth is, we must fight and win a victory for freedom in Iraq. The truth is we have no option but victory. In their hearts the American people know this, and the American people are willing to make the hard choices to choose victory. Courage. Courage is the key in this moment."
You know what people like less than a "quitter", Mike? Death. People hate death. So why is it you don't seem to? There are more important things than your idiotic analogy, Mike, like the lives that are being lost to a war that should never have happened.
Frustrated GOP lawmakers are desperate for President Bush to do more to show how troops are winning the war in Iraq, and Indiana Rep. Mike Pence has an idea: Tell how many insurgents the U.S. troops are killing, not just the American death toll. "This is football season," says the Republican, who takes time to mourn with constituents who lose family members in combat. "People want to know if we're winning or losing . . . what's the score." Fresh from a trip to Iraq, Pence says he knows the score: just over 2,000 Americans dead, compared with 50,000 to 60,000 enemy combatants.
That's how much your children matter to Rep. Pence. They're a score. The deaths of your children in a country that has collapsed due to our warmongering and our continued presence there is nothing more than points to him.

You lose.

In Discrimination Against Non-Christians We Trust

This diary at DailyKos pointed out something I was not aware of. Apparently, those obnoxious "In Gawd We Trust" license plates I'm seeing all over the damn place and on the back of every vehicle that tries its damnedest to hit the scrapyard early, aren't just another idiotic, empty statement of a failed motto used to differentiate us from the "evil, godless Commies" during the Red Scare. It's a state-sponsored endorsement of religion. You see, unlike the other special license plates available here, such as the "Support Our Troops" plate, the "Go Colts" plate, or even the idiotic "Choose Unliving Fetuses" plate, this one doesn't cost anything to get. It's given without any extra fee.

And that's my main problem with it. I know I'm living in a backwards, hateful, bigot-filled, conservative, Bible-thumping shithole, but I don't need reminders on the back of every car, given for free just because Indiana apparently wants to support the mindless repitition of a discriminatory motto. Nor do I need my government catering to the people who need constant reminder that they've given their freedom of thought over to the voice in their head that calls itself GAWD.

All I want is a little equality. Or maybe a "Bring Them Home" plate.

On the matter of what flag we fly over our state buildings

I'd like to thank Craig for pointing something out:

In Indiana, if you publish an article by a student in your school newspaper that advocates tolerance for gay people, you deserve whatever horrible consequences follow, and your supporters don't deserve a chance to speak.

Thank you, my adoptive home, for showing that this is probably the northernmost southern state in the Union.


Schellinger to run for Gov

From Blue Indiana: Jim Schellinger will file this afternoon to run for Governor of Indiana

The race for the Democratic nomination is on, or so says Tully:
Indianapolis architect Jim Schellinger has formally announced plans to run for governor as a Democrat. Many in the party have filed behind Schellinger and believe he is the party's best hope of defeating Gov. Mitch Daniels in 2008. Schellinger will file candidacy papers this afternoon.
"I think today is a fitting day," Schellinger said in a phone interview this morning. "Today is the Feast of St. Joseph -- patron saint of labor and the family."

Former House Speaker John Gregg has been another rumored candidate. But Gregg has said he will not run if Schellinger does. In a recent conversation, I mentioned to Gregg that many people believe a Shellinger-Gregg ticket would be a formidable one. He downplayed that, then said: "That has a nice ring to it. That has a very nice ring to it."
I'd be willing to throw my support behind this guy, but for one thing: I can't find anything that tells me what his stances are. Wikipedia doesn't have anything, Google gives mostly news articles and posts from Blue Indiana (especially the one I just linked to), and he doesn't even have his own website, just one of those filthy placeholder spamsites.

Well, crap - how am I supposed to know whether or not to support someone when I don't even know what they're for and against?


Random Ten, 03/16/2007

It's the Friday Random Ten Freakout!

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Right on Time
  • Motoi Sakuraba - Lakitu Valley 2
  • Namco - Wings of Faith
  • Masato Nakamura 2 - Hidden Palace Zone
  • Scotty D. revisits U1 - Flow (Jammin' Ragga Mix)
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue
  • Hidenori Shoji - Feel Our Pain (Fire Field)
  • P.O.D. - Youth of the Nation
  • Tatsh and Naoki - Red Zone
  • Natalie Imbruglia - Torn
A nice list this week.

GA Senate panel OKs "Confederate History Month"

From the Associated Press via Yahoo!News: Ga. Senate panel OKs Confederate month
ATLANTA - A panel of Georgia lawmakers signed off Thursday on a plan to create a Confederate heritage month, even as legislative leaders reacted coolly to a push to apologize for the state's role in slavery.

Sen. Jeff Mullis' bill would dub April as Confederate History and Heritage Month to honor the memory of the Confederacy and "all those millions of its citizens of various races and ethnic groups and religions who contributed in sundry and myriad ways to the cause of Southern Independence."

It's kind of hard to come up with a good comment for this. I mean, really, how stupid is this? Seriously, you guys lost, get over it.

Why in hell do they need this? The Confederacy was a failure on every level. It was established under a pretense of "rights" that had little to do with rights; it was a venture that was, in essence, an act of treason; and its legacy is a shame to our whole nation - Jim Crow laws, the KKK, staunch opposition to civil rights, and a pattern of mistrust and ignorance in the South that lasts to this very day.

You want to teach that kind of history? Teach what was wrong with it. Oh, wait, we do that already, when we teach about the Civil War.


Random Ten, 03/09/2007

It's the Friday Random Ten. Whee.

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Impression That I Get
  • ASAKI - Gekkou Chou
  • The Birthday Massacre - Queen of Hearts
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic - Pancreas
  • Mexican Folk Music - La Bamba
  • Beborn Beton - Game of Fools
  • Leaves' Eyes - Solemn Sea
  • Hidenori Shoji - Osc-Sync Carnival (Lightning)
  • Namco - Immortal Flame
  • Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia

Not bad.

Rush Limbaugh's Crossdressing Fantasies

From Media Matters for America: Citing NY Sun, Limbaugh wondered who would design Edwards' "inaugural gown"
On the March 8 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Rush Limbaugh referred to a March 8 New York Sun article, "Could [former Sen.] John Edwards [D-NC] Become the First Woman President?" to repeatedly mock Edwards as "the Breck Girl," who is "on tap now, according to one of the nation's largest abortion rights supporters, to become the first woman president in the United States." As Media Matters for America has previously noted, the phrase "first woman president" was that of Sun reporter Josh Gerstein and not from any of the story's sources. Gerstein himself, in a post on the Sun's politics weblog, characterized the "first woman president" phrase as "just a colorful way of summarizing" the "over-the-top rhetoric" of Kate Michelman, former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America and a senior adviser to the Edwards campaign.

What a surprise - boy-touching pill-popper Rush Limpdick is cracking gay jokes, just like his man-wife C*nter.

My guess? He's jealous of John Edwards for being... well, something besides a fat, loud, stupid, drug-addled slob.

I am not so much a fool.

Look to the right sidebar. I have some of my posts tagged now. That's neat.

I guess this new version of Blogger isn't so bad.

Glenn Beck: Unhinged Lying Scumbag

From Crooks & Liars: Glenn Beck Unhinged

This clip is sure to raise your pulse and is wrong on so many levels I don't have a clue where to begin. Beck and the few remaining supporters of George and his war are scared to death. His feigned outrage is the dead giveaway. He tries to frame his message as non-political then ends with this:

"If your bill goes through I hope you can't go to bed any single night without the images of bodybags of our American soldiers coming off those planes - I hope they dance in your head every single night. Because you will be just as responsible for their deaths as anyone who has ever strapped a bomb to their chest and screamed Allah Akbar."

No politics going on there, eh Glenn?

Can you count the lies and distortions? I ran out of fingers and toes and just gave up.
Hey Glenn, you lying sack of dogshit, what about all those bodybags coming home now, the ones Bush and his brownshirts won't let be shown on TV? Are those the fault of your enemies, the sane people, too? Or are they the fault of your master, the man who started a war with a country he had no actual beef with? No, those are YOUR FAULT, Glenn, you and every bloodthristy murderous warmongering traitor to this country and this world who has the utter gall to say that war is good.

Disgusting, lying, scum-sucking, racist, bigoted lapdog of the neoconservative movement. May you die a thousand deaths without dying of a one.


I am a fool.

I finally switched to Blogger's "new version".

I hate it already.


C*nter makes an ass of himself/herself; film at 11.

mAnn C*nter: John Edwards a "faggot".

Wow. I really have no words. That's the maturity of these far-right hatemongers - referring to politicians as "faggots" and calling sites that document their hateful shit for all to see "gay".