EACS: "You think we should be tolerant? You're fired!"

From Blue Indiana: EACS Teacher to be Fired for Allowing Gay-Tolerance Editorial
I'm sure most people know the gist of this story by now. Woodlan Junior-Senior High School (part of East Allen County Schools) teacher Amy Sorrell was reprimanded for allowing an editorial into the school paper promoting tolerance of homosexuals. As reported in today's JG she is now going to be fired.
I can't believe this. They're railroading her, and for what? Printing an editorial in a school newspaper saying that people should be more tolerant - and then telling the truth about the people who wanted it censored. Like I said, I know I'm living in a backwards, hateful, bigot-filled, conservative, Bible-thumping shithole, so why do we need to regress further into the Dark Ages?