Glenn Beck: Unhinged Lying Scumbag

From Crooks & Liars: Glenn Beck Unhinged

This clip is sure to raise your pulse and is wrong on so many levels I don't have a clue where to begin. Beck and the few remaining supporters of George and his war are scared to death. His feigned outrage is the dead giveaway. He tries to frame his message as non-political then ends with this:

"If your bill goes through I hope you can't go to bed any single night without the images of bodybags of our American soldiers coming off those planes - I hope they dance in your head every single night. Because you will be just as responsible for their deaths as anyone who has ever strapped a bomb to their chest and screamed Allah Akbar."

No politics going on there, eh Glenn?

Can you count the lies and distortions? I ran out of fingers and toes and just gave up.
Hey Glenn, you lying sack of dogshit, what about all those bodybags coming home now, the ones Bush and his brownshirts won't let be shown on TV? Are those the fault of your enemies, the sane people, too? Or are they the fault of your master, the man who started a war with a country he had no actual beef with? No, those are YOUR FAULT, Glenn, you and every bloodthristy murderous warmongering traitor to this country and this world who has the utter gall to say that war is good.

Disgusting, lying, scum-sucking, racist, bigoted lapdog of the neoconservative movement. May you die a thousand deaths without dying of a one.