Anti-gay marriage arguments steeped in hatred

Since when has it become the fashion to print statements of hatred towards members of society? I was so angered by two letters I read in your paper recently ("Tolerance of gays is troubling" & "Saying gay behavior is wrong isn’t homophobic", 03/27/2007) that I nearly ripped the paper up in disgust.

The statements in these letters are revolting, to say the least. One of the letter writers equates being gay with pedophilia and murder, while another repeats the hateful myth of homosexuality being the "sin of Sodom" and refers to anyone who doesn't support that kind of hatred as having "moral bankruptcy". Worse yet, these kind of statements come on the heels of a scandal involving a teacher being fired for publishing a letter in a student newspaper advocation tolerance.

These kind of people push an agenda of pure, unfettered hatred, and are, for some unknown reason, allowed to do so without repercussion. If these kind of statements were being made about Christians, black people, or any number of other groups, would they be printed in your paper so readily?