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Join us there, won't you?


To every season.

As of this posting BFI is dead. The site will be maintained as an archive, there will be one final post after this, informing you of the new location that I, Phage, may be found at. Updates to follow.

Good night, and good luck. We now end our programming.


GET OFF MY PHONE! Part 2: Electric Guitar Boogaloo

Got that ten handy, Phage? It's not techno, but it's pretty good.

Hat tip to Craig for pointing it out.



I will pay someone $10 (Hey I don't have much) to take his psychotic breakdown at the end and turn it into a techno song.

And yes. I am serious. You do it, I'll paypal you $10.

FreeRepublic: Because You Can't Have Enough Sub-Human Racist Sh*tbags on the Tubes, Right?

Video from Countdown with Keith Olbermann:

So when can we finally shut this racist, violent, hateful shithole down? Aren't there usually rules against this shit among the terms of service for most bandwidth/storage space providers?

Also, holy shit, I think they finally fixed the damn code for these things.

ADDED: They did - but somehow either Blogger or ScribeFire fucks it up.

On Stefan Cook

You idiot birfer, you're a traitor. You dishonor my country.

Enjoy Leavenworth, you slime.


Right-Wing Mailbag, "The Inevitable Result of Eating Lead Paint" Edition

Letters to the editor | The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Are some of these people on drugs or something? What else would explain their complete lack of anything resembling logic?