An Open Letter

Dear American Female Voters...

Or, more specifically, "Hillary supporters who plan to vote for McCain just because of Sarah Palin."

I have a newsflash for you. If you don't like it, tough, this is LIFE.

But if you vote for McCain JUST because he picked a woman for a running mate... JUST because of Sarah Palin... then you were NEVER a Hillary supporter to begin with. Why do I say that, you ask? Oh, reasons, let me enumerate thee.

1. This is a desperation move by McCain, as well as one of complete arrogance. He thinks you're STUPID - SO stupid, in fact, that you'll overlook his promise to continue the Bush Administration's tactics, in favor of fawning over the boobs on his running mate.

2. Palin has even less political experience than Obama. Not to mention she's the POLAR OPPOSITE of EVERYTHING Hillary Clinton ever stood for - she's extremely conservative, anti-choice, pro-war, pro-death penalty, pro-big oil (her husband is an oil exec, for crying out loud!) and pro-big business - which means she would have no problem with outsourcing even MORE of our jobs, thus costing YOU money, in order to pad her buddies' bottom lines.

3. Did I mention that she's the exact polar opposite of EVERYTHING Clinton stood for?

4. Oh, yeah - and she kills puppies, too. That's right. Earlier this year, Palin allowed the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife to ILLEGALLY kill 14 young wolf pups in their dens (Alaskan state law - Regulation 5AAC 92.110(i) - prohibits the killing of pups in the den as part of "predator reduction" efforts.) And she supports the brutal and inhumane practice of aerial hunting, defeating an initiative that would have banned the practice with help from the "trophy hunting" club, Safari Club International. There's a reason she's called the "Panderbear," no doubt.

SO WAKE THE FUCK UP. Stop fixating on a politician's chest and using that as your basis for voting. It's their BRAIN that allows them to make decisions, not their BOOBS.

Attention PUMAtards

I read an interesting quote by one of you. "The fact that Barack ignored half the democrats and didn't choose Hillary as the VP is insulting."

If Hillary had won, would you expect her to make Barack the VP? Since half the democrats voted for him as well?

Be honest.

In light of McCain's Palin pick...

From The Bilerico Project: McCain Did What Obama Couldn't

To the author of this ridiculous load of shit, and anyone else who's kissing McShame's ass because he chose an anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-science, pro-Big Oil, pro-animal killing, corrupt, inexperienced, lying ass to be his running mate and tyou just NEEEEEED a vagina somewhere in the White House in a position of power, stay home on election day. We don't need you. Taker your sexist bullshit and go.

And yes, that is what you are. Much as you might sling sexism around as though it were your sole right to do so, you are no better than those you accuse. You think that voting against your own interests just because Palin's on the ticket makes you some sort of feminist champion? No, you're no better than a shrieking anti-choicer waving a picture of a stillbirth claiming it's a fetus while calling women in need whores.

By all means, don't vote. You are unnecessary.

A few thoughts post-convention.

Garry Trudeau, you were way off base this week. Yes, I know that strips are made several days in advance, but you really blew it this week. The Clinton jokes just fell flat with the way things went at the convention.

I was lucky enough to be on break when Hillary asked for the nomination of Obama by acclamation. I was amazed to see it happen. Between that, her speech, Bill's speech, and Obama's acceptance, there should be no doubt as to where people's loyalties lie: Anyone who claims to be a "Clinton voter for McCain" is one of McCain's trolls, period. There are no PUMAs. There are only McCain's disunity operatives.

Good on McCain for waiting to announce his VP today. That's a very respectful decision.

Are we on Candid Camera?

Sarah Palin? A half-term governor who has practically no experience and carries about six tons of baggage, including ethics scandals?

C'mon, Senator, you can't be serious. What is this, a Rickroll or something?

ATTN: John McCain

Being a douchebag does not endear you to people.

That is all.


Obama Makes His Pick

From the NYT: Field Narrows for Obama’s Running Mate
WASHINGTON — Senator Barack Obama informed two of his top three vice-presidential prospects Friday night that he would not be choosing them, Democratic officials said, encouraging a consensus within the party that he had settled on Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware.

Mr. Obama’s campaign and aides to Mr. Biden declined to comment. But Mr. Obama’s notification to the two other candidates — Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana and Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia — was confirmed by senior associates of both men.

The formal announcement was scheduled to be made in the form of text messages and e-mail messages sent to thousands of Obama supporters early Saturday. Mr. Obama and his running mate are scheduled to appear at an afternoon rally at the Old Statehouse in Springfield, Ill., the same place where Mr. Obama announced his candidacy for president 18 months ago.
So the name for the ticket is now, semi-officially, Obama/Biden. I'm okay with that.

People are saying Biden's a good choice, since he's chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations and people see Obama as inexperienced on foreign policy. Plus, this is the guy who said that the only thing that comes out of Rudy Giuliani's mouth is "a noun and a verb and 9/11". He'd eat anyone else in a VP debate, hopefully.

Once McCain makes his choice, that means I won't have to hear the utterly stupid term "the veepstakes" for another four years at least. And that day, I will be really damned happy.


And now, another update on the Caylee case.

Nope, still don't give a damn.

Thank you.

Left-Wing Mailbag, "Finally, Some Sanity" Edition

Check here for two letters that don't suck.

Hey, this means I can go one day without another hollow-headed whine about TEH LIBROOLZ being printed in the local fishwrap.


Right-Wing Mailbag, "Pitching a Zero 'Cause They're Batting a Zero" Edition

Letter (Web version): Obama is, in fact, a liberal senator
I read with extreme amusement Damian Hood’s letter, “Letter parrots right-wing dogma” (Aug. 4). Richard W. Burridge’s letter, “Obama too liberal to be president” (July 22), was based on factual evidence. The source? None other then the U.S. Senate Archives and the senators’ own voting record contained therein ( http://www.senate.gov).

Since when is using a person’s full name a smear? If so, then millions of people in history have been and continue to be smeared every day in history lessons in our schools.

Do you really want the same people who run the IRS telling you that you have to pay a bad employee the same wages as an outstanding employee? You need more money, then either get another job or make yourself invaluable to your employer by updating your skills. I worked three simultaneous jobs for five years until I found a good one and was able to quit the other three, and I retired from that one after 20-plus years. If I can do it, then so can most anyone else.

The “right wing” (the National Journal and others) are just parroting what the “left-wing” media (MSNBC, NPR, Mother Jones, CNN, ABC, Media Matters and the Washington Post) have stated and documented – that Barack Obama is the most liberal senator. Now, either they or Hood are correct.

In closing, Hood’s whole letter is proven farcical by his last statement: “Rebellion against an unjust authoritarian government is a liberal issue.” No, it’s a freedom issue, as history has shown time and time again. Hood needs to triple-check his “facts” before trying to speak on issues he’s sorely lacking knowledge of.

DANIEL E. GRAY Defiance, Ohio


Are you serious? This idiot thinks he can prove that letter wrong with lies, more lies, and "OMG LIBRUL MEEDYA" whining? And then he tries base insults? And you wonder WHY you guys are losing!

Seriously, this letter and the previous are distyurbing as hell, just because these people honestly seem to think that we can be fooled. "Butbutbutbut callin' him 'Barack Hussein Obama" isn't a msear, it isn't it isn't IT ISN'T!!!1" Seriously? You think we're all that stupid? Give us some fucking credit!

The fact that people like this moron can even vote despite their blatant ignorance makes me want to vomit.


Right-Wing Mailbag, "Batting 0.000 As Usual" Edition

Journal-Gazette Letters Page, 8/12/2008
Why be squeamish about ‘liberal’?

Regarding the letter, “Letter parrots right-wing dogma” (Aug. 4), Damian Hood lists several typical right-wing “sins,” including using Barack Obama’s middle name, employing scare tactics relating to partial-birth abortion, the “death tax” and minimum wage, and then tops them off with the apparent unforgivable sin of calling Obama “the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate.” I didn’t realize that liberals regarded that label as being a smear.

Actually, it always amuses me how often candidates of the Democratic Party seem offended when they are tagged with the dreaded L-word. While Republican candidates often seem to be arguing among themselves as to who has the most conservative credentials, I don’t ever recall seeing candidates from the other side fighting over who is the “true liberal.” In fact, it seems quite the opposite. Why not loudly and proudly proclaim that status if one is truly proud of the liberal agenda and “dogma”?

The answer probably isn’t too hard to figure out.

I literally did a facepalm when I read this. In fact, I actually slapped my forehead hard enough to send myself reeling backwards a step.

I looked rather silly to the other people at McDonald's waiting for their food.

Seriously, this has got to be the stupidest response I've ever seen. Hey, genius, the letter was pointing out that the "most liberal" claim is provably bullshit, and that people like you, and the blubbering morons you listen to, have turned "liberal" into a smear.

But please, continue demonstrating that you comprehend absolutely nothing in plain view of the public - it's quite entertaining.


And Now, To Keep You Up to Date

Here's an update on the Caylee case:


Thank you.


Left-Wing Mailbag, "Geez, The Things You Miss Without the Internet" Edition

Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette Letters Page, 8/4/2008

You go away for a week and what happens? They print a letter like this.

Letter parrots right-wing dogma

If ever I wondered whether this election was going to be more of the same garbage, then Richard W. Burridge’s letter, “Obama too liberal to be president” (July 22), gave me my answer:

Yes, yes, 1,000 times yes. Each and every one of his points is taken verbatim from far-right demagogues and recited without one iota of thought as to the truth of any of them.

First, Burridge refers to the senator as “Barack Hussein Obama,” a disgusting smear tactic that has been sworn off even by the Republican National Committee.

Burridge immediately lists a slew of stances Obama supposedly supports, without any evidence backing any of them. He uses the right-wing scare terms “partial-birth abortion” and “death tax” to try to evoke emotional responses instead of rational thought. He even goes so far as to demonize the idea of making the minimum wage into a living wage, as though the concept of someone being paid enough money to get by were some horrible evil.

To top off his screed, he repeats the far-right myth of Obama being “the most liberal senator,” a claim that has never been proven true, though the talking heads of the right love to repeat it breathlessly. At the end of his tirade, Burridge claims that the senator doesn’t share the Founding Fathers’ vision. That seems an odd thing to say, considering the very concept of rebellion against an unjust, authoritarian government is a very liberal concept.

It's damn good to be back, though. Damn good.


When the mask falls off, it makes a thud

From yesterday's Hardball with Chris MatthewsMike Barnacle:

Watch at about eight or nine minutes in as Pat Buchanan, noted race-baiter, loses his cool when the other commentators call out McCain's campaign and the right - and rightfully so - for the race-baiting they've pulled while trying to accuse Obama of "playing the race card".

Apparently, Pat can't stand the thought of someone telling the GOP to not be shiftless and slimy. Then again, he ought to be angry, since he knows better than just about anyone on the right that people can be fooled with such bullshit.