Right-Wing Mailbag, "Batting 0.000 As Usual" Edition

Journal-Gazette Letters Page, 8/12/2008
Why be squeamish about ‘liberal’?

Regarding the letter, “Letter parrots right-wing dogma” (Aug. 4), Damian Hood lists several typical right-wing “sins,” including using Barack Obama’s middle name, employing scare tactics relating to partial-birth abortion, the “death tax” and minimum wage, and then tops them off with the apparent unforgivable sin of calling Obama “the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate.” I didn’t realize that liberals regarded that label as being a smear.

Actually, it always amuses me how often candidates of the Democratic Party seem offended when they are tagged with the dreaded L-word. While Republican candidates often seem to be arguing among themselves as to who has the most conservative credentials, I don’t ever recall seeing candidates from the other side fighting over who is the “true liberal.” In fact, it seems quite the opposite. Why not loudly and proudly proclaim that status if one is truly proud of the liberal agenda and “dogma”?

The answer probably isn’t too hard to figure out.

I literally did a facepalm when I read this. In fact, I actually slapped my forehead hard enough to send myself reeling backwards a step.

I looked rather silly to the other people at McDonald's waiting for their food.

Seriously, this has got to be the stupidest response I've ever seen. Hey, genius, the letter was pointing out that the "most liberal" claim is provably bullshit, and that people like you, and the blubbering morons you listen to, have turned "liberal" into a smear.

But please, continue demonstrating that you comprehend absolutely nothing in plain view of the public - it's quite entertaining.