Right-Wing Mailbag, "Pitching a Zero 'Cause They're Batting a Zero" Edition

Letter (Web version): Obama is, in fact, a liberal senator
I read with extreme amusement Damian Hood’s letter, “Letter parrots right-wing dogma” (Aug. 4). Richard W. Burridge’s letter, “Obama too liberal to be president” (July 22), was based on factual evidence. The source? None other then the U.S. Senate Archives and the senators’ own voting record contained therein ( http://www.senate.gov).

Since when is using a person’s full name a smear? If so, then millions of people in history have been and continue to be smeared every day in history lessons in our schools.

Do you really want the same people who run the IRS telling you that you have to pay a bad employee the same wages as an outstanding employee? You need more money, then either get another job or make yourself invaluable to your employer by updating your skills. I worked three simultaneous jobs for five years until I found a good one and was able to quit the other three, and I retired from that one after 20-plus years. If I can do it, then so can most anyone else.

The “right wing” (the National Journal and others) are just parroting what the “left-wing” media (MSNBC, NPR, Mother Jones, CNN, ABC, Media Matters and the Washington Post) have stated and documented – that Barack Obama is the most liberal senator. Now, either they or Hood are correct.

In closing, Hood’s whole letter is proven farcical by his last statement: “Rebellion against an unjust authoritarian government is a liberal issue.” No, it’s a freedom issue, as history has shown time and time again. Hood needs to triple-check his “facts” before trying to speak on issues he’s sorely lacking knowledge of.

DANIEL E. GRAY Defiance, Ohio


Are you serious? This idiot thinks he can prove that letter wrong with lies, more lies, and "OMG LIBRUL MEEDYA" whining? And then he tries base insults? And you wonder WHY you guys are losing!

Seriously, this letter and the previous are distyurbing as hell, just because these people honestly seem to think that we can be fooled. "Butbutbutbut callin' him 'Barack Hussein Obama" isn't a msear, it isn't it isn't IT ISN'T!!!1" Seriously? You think we're all that stupid? Give us some fucking credit!

The fact that people like this moron can even vote despite their blatant ignorance makes me want to vomit.