This Is What Conservatives Believe, Part 2

Eliminationism in America: Appendix

Dave Neiwert has compiled a list of the hateful, disgusting things that prominent and nameless conservatives alike have said that advocate the assault, imprisonment or murder of people they disagree with.

You think this isn't what they believe? You think that the shooting this week was just some random nut? Given the hate his idols spew, it's only a matter of time before we see it again.


The Daddy State Marches On: Charlotte Police Murder Man with Taser

From Pandagon: NC: More freestyle law enforcement death-by-Taser
I’ve been busy and haven’t briefed folks on the Taser-happy crowd for some time; it looks like the Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD is having a whale of a time with its shock-inducing, deadly device.

A Statesville man died after being shocked multiple times by Tasers at the Iredell County jail over the weekend, sources say.

Anthony Davidson, 29, was unresponsive when he was taken to Iredell Memorial Hospital Saturday afternoon. He was put on life support and died late Sunday night, police said.

His death is the second Taser-related death this year in the Charlotte area. In March, 17-year-old Darryl Wayne Turner, died after Charlotte-Mecklenburg police used a Taser on him at a Food Lion store in Charlotte.

If you read the whole article, it’s clear that Davidson was having difficulties—he was unable to pay for groceries at a local store, rolled the cart out—but drove away without them. He was followed and then

When officers caught up with Davidson a short time later, he was carrying an Applebee’s gift card from the store that hadn’t been paid for, Anderson said.

Officers took Davidson to the Iredell County Jail where he appeared before a magistrate on a larceny charge. Davidson was behaving abnormally from the time officers first encountered him, Anderson said.

While being booked, Davidson became “physically aggressive and was communicating loudly,” Anderson said. That’s when officers used one or more Tasers to get him “back under control,” police said.

He was hit three times and according to a nurse was “under the influence of some type of impairing substance.” Davidson was unresponsive when he was taken to the hospital, where he went into intensive care. He was taken off of life support that evening.
This needs to end.

I can't turn around without yet another death-by-so-called-non-lethal-weapon story popping up, nor can I turn around without yet another blinded authoritarian daddy-state worshipper defending it.

The Second Coming of Mitch

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard an ad talking about how, apparently, whoever was in office before Mitch Daniels was ruining the state, and how Mitch descended from the clouds and fixed everything, so we ought to keep him.

Funny, I would have figured that closing BMVs to benefit his friends, selling off our interests to foreign companies for quick payoffs, and shifting the tax burden from the rich to the poor by lowering property taxes while raising the sales tax were all bad things.


"My career is not a big payoff; it's a series of bribes"

From the LA Times: Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens indicted on corruption counts
WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican senator and a storied figure in Alaska's political history, was indicted today on seven felony counts of making false statements in a corruption case.

Prosecutors said the 84-year-old Stevens, required to file financial disclosure forms with the Senate on gifts greater than $10,000, had accepted innumerable gifts valued at $250,000 from the oil services company VECO and its CEO from 1999 to 2006 without reporting them. The gifts included material and labor used in the renovation of Stevens' private vacation home in Girdwood section of Anchorage, including a new first floor, a garage, a wraparound deck, plumbing and electrical wiring, as well as a Viking gas grill, furniture and tools.

For the few who don't remember, Ted Stevens is best known for his famous description of the Internet as "(N)ot a big truck. It's a series of tubes." He's also known for his fairly heavy stances in favor of logging and pork barrel projects.

Now, I know in the past I've been quick to judge on matters like this, but I think I can be fair here. He's been indicted, yes, but this doesn't necessarily mean he's guilty. I figure he deserves a fair shake.

Authoritarianism in Action: Cop Assaults Cyclist, Lies About Incident Despite Video

From Fox News (of all places!): NYPD Officer Stripped of Badge After YouTube Video Shows Cyclist Shove

NEW YORK — A police officer shown on video body-checking a bicyclist who was riding as part of a demonstration was stripped of his badge and gun Monday.

The incident occurred Friday evening in Times Square at the Critical Mass ride, a monthly protest of urban reliance on motor vehicles.

The video clip, posted anonymously on the Internet on Sunday, shows the officer standing in the street as bikes whiz past. The officer moves toward the cyclist, identified in a criminal complaint as Christopher Long, and violently knocks him to the ground in front of crowds of people. Another officer comes over, and the two officers wrestle with Long before handcuffing him.

Craig Radhuber said he was riding about 3 feet behind Long when he was hit.

"It was unprovoked," Radhuber said. "It was like the cop was waiting for him and then just checked him as he got closer. I couldn't believe it."

For the three people who haven't seen it, here's the video:

And, in true lying authoritarian scum fashion, the pig decided he could lie about what happened. Too bad for him the Internet exists to show the truth.

The rise of ever-present video and the rise of authoritarianism in America are coincidental. The constant clash of the two is not.

Seems I've Made a Friend... Or Not.

Crazy Ron Cultist and R&F Troll Jim Wetzel.

Seems Jimmy doesn't understand that some people actually know what ol' Racist Ron is really about. Some of us actually - get this - get our facts about crazy also-ran election trolls via someone other than the one in dispute.


Re: Yesterday's church shooting: Affidavit: Man admits church shooting, says liberals should die
A man accused of fatally shooting two adults and wounding seven others at a Knoxville church told police the church's liberal teachings prompted him to attack, according to court papers.
Jim Adkisson said liberals should be killed because they're ruining the nation, according to an affidavit.

Jim David Adkisson told investigators all liberals should be killed and admitted he shot people Sunday morning at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by CNN affiliate WBIR.
But remember, according to Instaprick and Cornfed Yankoff, the guy was obviously an anti-Christian liberal who hated God.

This is what happens when you inundate people with hate. This is what happens when you tell them that gay people are sub-human. This is what happens when the inmates run the asylum.

Oh, and the terrorist's choice of reading material?
"Still seized three books from Adkisson's home, including "The O'Reilly Factor," by television commentator Bill O'Reilly; "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder," by radio personality Michael Savage; and "Let Freedom Ring," by political pundit Sean Hannity."
No surprise here. The hate tomes of O'Reilly, Weiner, and Hannity: Mein Kampf for a new generation of murderous, hateful terrorists. Yes, I stand by that statement. Godwin be damned.


John McCain, Junkyard Dog

I'm just wondering: with all the time McSame spends attacking Obama, is he ever going to get around to actually campaigning?


Right-Wing Mailbag, "Polly Wanna Cracker" Edition

Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette Letters Page, 7/22/2008
Obama too liberal to be president

Before you cast your vote this November for Barack Hussein Obama, here is a partial list of his accomplishments: He voted against banning partial-birth abortion and supports affirmative action in colleges and government. He says he will deal with street-level drug dealing as a minimum offense. He supports universal health care. He supports granting driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. He is opposed to any efforts to privatize Social Security. He wants to make the minimum wage a “living wage.” He voted against repealing the alternative minimum tax and the “death tax.”

He voted with Democratic Party 96 percent of 251 votes. He is ranked as the most liberal senator in the Senate today. Most of his record sounds like government control and socialism to me. You might want to reread the history, policies and philosophy of Karl Marx and compare them to Obama’s record, then reread what the Founding Fathers had to say and then choose. I will choose the Founding Fathers’ ideas anytime.


I tried to count how many far-right talking points he spewed in this letter. I lost count somewhere in the middle of the first paragraph.

Sen. Kevin Bryant: Class Act

From Pandagon:

(NOTE: If you can't tell, the image is also a link.)
Douchebaggery ahoy!

Real class act. Really.



US DHHS Proposes Selling Out to Religious Extremists
And even those WITH them.

You might want to read this.


I truly, honestly think that I'm going to be sick.

Just... read it. Oh my god, READ IT NOW. And SPEAK UP!

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20201
Telephone: 202-619-0257
Toll Free: 1-877-696-6775

HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt
Office Phone: 202-690-7000 or 202-205-4708
Email: mike.leavitt@hhs.gov
Fax: 202-690-7203
Correspondence Secretary: 202-690-6392

I have no words. Just no words for this. But even if it takes hitting up the military surplus stores in the area, I am not going to sit idly by and watch these INSANE OLD RICH MEN try to reduce ME to a walking incubator!


More Proof That Rightards Have No Shame

From Pandagon:No shame: Republican’s FL billboard features burning Twin Towers
Businessman Mike Meehan, who paid for the ad, says he’s “only trying to help Republicans.” The billboard also carries a link for Meehan’s website, TheRepublicanSong.com, at which he says, “I claim to be a man of God” and promotes his political song and video.

Meehan’s song, which appears to have racist overtones, begins, “The Democrat secular progressive move, political correctness is killing us too. They want to take the money from the hard working man, and give it to the lazy folks that don’t give a damn.”

Even Republicans have found the billboard “inappropriate,” and many residents want it to come down. “I’m thinking about the Twin Towers, all the families that were killed there,” one woman told local TV affliate WFTV.
Wanna send the little shitbag a letter? Go ahead. I did. Don't bother being civil; the little turd has already crossed that line twice.

Oh, and a question for the conservatives who want to exploit 9/11 like this troglodyte: Who was in office on 9/11? Who ignored the warnings? Who ignored the briefing entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S."? Here's a hint: It wasn't Clinton, or his penis.

No shame. None at all.


As they say on the Internets...