I am a master of fright.

Here's a scary thought for the day:

This election is shaping up to be just like 2000.
The GOP is looking for another pseudo-charismatic idiot
The left is tearing itself apart because we haven't tried to put the Second Coming on the ballot yet, so everyone's listing reasons why they just CAN'T vote for anyone but some third-party vote-stealer.

Four more years, it looks like.


Damian's Random Ten, 10/26/2007

It's the Friday Random Ten, and IT HUNGERS! BEWARE, I LIVE! RUN RUN RUN, COWARD!

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Joey Scarbury and DesireĆ© Goyette - Flashbeagle
  • Aqua - Goodbye to the Circus
  • King Kong and D. Jungle Girls - Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G.G3 mix)
  • Riyu Kosaka - Love ♥ Shine
  • Armin van Buuren - Shivers (Radio Edit)
  • Smash Mouth - The fonz
  • Fiona Apple - Criminal
  • E-rotic - In the Heat of the Night
  • Namco - Stage of History
  • Barenaked Ladies - Go Home

Phage. iTunes.

Since I missed last week.

It's the Friday Random Ten.

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Free Your Hate - KMFDM
  • Without Faith - ThouShaltNot
  • Wake - Lincoln Park
  • Humanity (World War Three) - Front Line Assembly
  • The Brethren Court - Hans Zimmer
  • Forgotten - Gothminister
  • Darkside Down - Porn On Beta
  • Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
  • Step To Me - Thousand Foot Krutch
    Planet Hell - Nightwish


Shine to AFA: "Stuff your hate where it belongs"

From the Journal-Gazette: 3rd-party ad against gays angers Shine
Local Republican Chairman Steve Shine on Friday criticized a third-party radio commercial promoting GOP mayoral candidate Matt Kelty that Shine said presents a message of intolerance.

The ad, sponsored by the American Family Association of Indiana, said Christians have an important decision in the upcoming mayor’s race because Democrat Tom Henry has “repeatedly authored legislation promoting the gay-rights agenda.”

The American Family Association of Indiana is endorsing Kelty.

Shine sent a two-page letter to Kelty outlining his concerns with the ad. In it, he wrote that the advertisement does not create a perception of the open and inclusive Republican Party he is trying to promote.

While he said he has valued the group’s support of candidates in the past, he fears the radio ad – played on a local Christian station – conveys that Republicans shun people who differ from them in certain ways.

“As someone whose roots come from a class of people once persecuted for its religious beliefs, it pains me to hear even a hint of intolerance associated with a candidate of an organization I chair,” said Shine, who is Jewish. “I will not accept intolerance, real or perceived.”

You know, usually I've got a real mad-on for the GOP overall, but I've really got to hand it to Steve Shine - telling a group of anti-gay hatemongers to go stuff it because they're marginalizing would-be voters is a damn good move. You and I both know it's not going to affect my vote - I won't vote for a Republican unless they're the only one on a ticket and I don't live in Ft. Wayne anyhow, but this sets a good precedent. Now if only we could get more folks to tell the haters to go fly a kite, we'd be good.


Damian's Random Ten, 10/19/2007

It's the Friday Random Ten, and it hits the weak point for massive damage.

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Captain Jack - Captain Jack (Grandale Remix)
  • Coolio - Bright As the Sun
  • Koji Kondo - Forest Temple
  • DE-SIRE retunes - CHAOS
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic - Do I Creep You Out
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Minor Thing
  • Tom Petty - You Don't Know How It Feels
  • Informatik - House of Cards
  • Hidenori Shoji - Planet Colors (Green Planet)
  • Motoi Sakuraba - Lakitu Valley 2


Now that our Internet service is finally back...

From Wired.com's Threat Level section: Bush Quips He Might Stay in Power
Reporter: Mr. President, following up on Vladimir Putin for a moment, he said recently that next year, when he has to step down according to the constitution, as the president, he may become prime minister; in effect keeping power and dashing any hopes for a genuine democratic transition there ...

Bush: I've been planning that myself.

Eep. Now I'm frightened. Joke or not, that's just scary.


iTunes Tiem!

It's the Friday Saturday Random Ten. (So I'm late... sue me.)

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • The Brethren Court - Hans Zimmer
  • Fadeaway - Celldweller
  • Monsters - Gothminister
  • Ghost of a Rose - Blackmore's Night
  • Walk Through The Fire - Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Once More With Feeling
  • Hau Ruck - K.M.F.D.M.
  • Where'd You Go - Fort Minor
  • Sex On Wheels - Thrill Kill Kult
  • Care For You - Wolfsheim
  • Wake - Linkin Park
  • Humanity (World War Three) - Front Line Assembly


Damian's Random Ten, 10/12/2007

It's the Friday Random Ten, and it's got the look.

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Eminem - Superman
  • The Eagles - Hotel California
  • Garth Brooks - I Know One
  • Green Day - American Idiot
  • Koji Kondo - Ultimate Koopa
  • DJ Simon - air
  • Modest Mouse - Invisible
  • Gina G - (Ooh Ahh) Just a Little Bit
  • Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic - The Night Santa Went Crazy
Oh, and you can disregard last week's post about my MP3 player - I got a new, better one from eBay. It just came today.


Your Daily Dose of Pure, Unfettered Cynicism

So, in the past three days, we've had a rampage by a psychopathic cop (as Phage noted below), a school shooting and a foiled plot to enact another.

I'm wondering when the vultures will start descending on this one. The pro-gun nuts who say that if everyone carried guns, nothing like this would ever happen. The anti-gun nuts who will point to this as yet another reason to destroy every last gun in existence. The hate preachers who will say that these things happen because we don't have an explicit theocracy. The ambulance-chasers who will try to find someone to sue. The demagogues who will blame the media.

IF they already have, I haven't seen it. But I know, I absolutely fucking know, that it either has happened, or will happen.


Off-Duty Officer Proves What Was Said About Him.

Officer Guns down 6 at party - 7th injured.

Twenty-year-old Tyler Peterson had gone to the party early Sunday to make amends with his ex-girlfriend, a friend of Peterson's told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Peterson lost control after people called him a "worthless pig," Mike Kegley told the paper.

Peterson left and got a police-style AR-15 rifle from his truck, forced his way back into the apartment and fired about 30 rounds at about 2:45 a.m. (3:45 a.m. ET). Six people were killed; one person survived and is hospitalized, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said at a Monday news conference.

"They called me a worthless pig... WAIT! I know, I'll kill them all! That'll teach them I'm not worthless!"

Worse yet, the extreme and nasty voices slowly rising on the far right in approval of his actions. Facism is a terrible thing folks, and those that would approve of such a course of action are just that. Totalitarian Facists.


Conservative Hypocricy is a Real Toe-Tapper

And now, one right out of the "You Can't Make This Shit Up" files: From the New Orleans Times-Picayune via The Liberal Avenger: DiFatta twice detained for lewd conduct in mall restrooms
St. Bernard Parish Councilman Joey DiFatta, who on Thursday withdrew from the 1st Senate District campaign, has been stopped twice since 1996 for suspicion of engaging in lewd behavior in public restrooms in Jefferson Parish, records obtained by The Times-Picayune show.
In the second incident, Jefferson Parish deputies working an undercover detail in a men's bathroom at Dillard's at Lakeside Shopping Center in March 2000 stopped DiFatta after he indicated a desire to engage in sex with an undercover deputy in an adjoining bathroom stall, according to an interoffice memorandum written by Sgt. Keith Conley, one of the deputies involved in the investigation.

The report said DiFatta slid his foot into the deputy's stall and tapped the deputy's foot. In the report, Conley noted that such activity is common among men to indicate a willingness to participate in sex.

The deputy inside the stall, Detective Wayne Couvillion, responded by tapping his foot, and DiFatta reached under the partition and began to rub the deputy's leg, the report states.

The detective asked DiFatta, "What do you want?" according to the report, and he replied, "I want to play with you."

DiFatta also used a hand signal to indicate that he wanted to engage in sex and used language that indicated the same, according to the report.
Conley, who is now the Kenner city attorney, confirmed the report's authenticity Thursday.

The incident did not culminate in an arrest because the deputy in the bathroom with DiFatta terminated the investigation after several children entered the bathroom, the report states. Conley noted in the report that DiFatta appeared well-versed and comfortable with the routine.

Does that italicized part sound familiar to anyone else? Anyone? Anyway, you might notice that he stresses he's never been convicted. The only thing that saved his ass the second time is a stroke of luck in his favor:

Conley wrote that had the investigation been allowed to continue, it likely would have concluded in DiFatta's arrest on obscenity charges, including a possible attempted crime against nature.

Conley confronted DiFatta outside the bathroom, and DiFatta apologized and said he would not return, according to the report. DiFatta also said he has a problem with such behavior and had sought counseling for the addiction in the past, the report states.

Now, not to throw a cold shower on a way to nail someone for their wrongdoiong, but "crime against nature"? That statement worries me to no end. I thought the "sodomy" laws had been struck down?

Anyway, to top all this off, DiFatta is, like so many other Cock-Craving Conservatives, a hypocrite. From his own website, specifically his "plan": "Defend our conservative values from attacks by extreme liberal groups" (For those unaware, that's conservative-speak for "make sure DEM QUEERS are chased back into the closet".)

Damian's Random Ten, 10/05/2007

It's the Friday Random Ten, whether it wants to work or not.

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Kukeiha Club - Theme of Upa
  • DJ Amuro - AA
  • Natalie Imbruglia - Torn
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic - Virus Alert
  • The Advantage - Bubble Man Stage
  • UZI-LAY - Put Your Faith In Me (Saturday Night Mix)
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Shallow Be Thy Game
  • Dali - Moonlight Densetsu
  • Sarina Paris - Look At Us (Daddy DJ Remix)
  • Modest Mouse - People as Places as People
Oh, and if you're wondering about the line at the top of this one, I've been having some serious trouble with my MP3 player - specifically, it won't work. Anyone have a recommendation of a good MP3 player for about $50 or less?

Phage's Big American... you know what.

It's the Friday Random Ten.

Hit the Party Shuffle in iTunes and what do I get?
  • Elegy - Leaves' Eyes
  • Danse Eschelon (Gir's Taco Mix) - Defect 9 Project
  • The Night Santa Went Crazy - Weird Al Yankovic
  • Almost Human - Voltaire
  • Demon Days - Gorillaz
  • The Stars of Orion - Celldweller
  • Cardinal Directions (Stromkern Mix) - ThoughShaltNot
  • 16 Miles - Ego Likeness
  • Happy Birthday - The Birthday Massacre
  • Houses of Cards - Zeromancer


On the recent Britney flap

Two words:

Who cares?!