Explaining myself.

Yes, I know I've been lax in updating.

It's mostly because I've been too busy working, eating, and playing what might be one of the best video games I've ever, EVER played.

That, and there's not that much that's really arousing my ire. Maybe I just get soft this time of year.


UCLA student tasered by glorified security guards for... well, nothing

You want to know what's worse? There are actually assholes trying to DEFEND this. Check the comments at the Crooks and Liars article or on the YouTube page. Then try not to throw up too hard.


Gingrich ca. 1994: "Democrats bad! Must smear!"

From Crooks and Liars: Newt in ‘94 vowed to investigate Clinton for 2 years as his platform
C&L brings you this CBS/NBC report from 1994. Gingrich went nuts over Clinton and his new-found subpoena power, yet if Democrats want to hold hearings on oversight and Iraq war profiteering that's supposed to hurt them.
The beginning of the twelve years of filthy lies of the right. Gingrich was a disgusting, hateful, corrupt, shameless pig, and his lies inspired a generation of wingnut pundits and politicos with no morals to lower the bar until they had to dig long, narrow holes to place the bar in.

And yet Nancy Pelosi, the new Speaker of the House (and damn do I love saying the phrase, "Speaker Pelosi"), won't investigate Bush's crony circus. Most will call that a good idea, a way of not alienating moderates, the "high road", but we know for a fact that they wouldn't (hell, DIDN'T) do that if they had a chance. I say, investigate the Smirking Killer, impeach him, remove him from office, and send him on his way to notoriety.

We have the power now. It's time we use it.

Freeper is terrorist; nobody surprised

Remember this story? Remember the wingnuts saying that Olbermann was some kind of pansy for fearing for his life because someone sent him fake anthrax?

Well, turns out they seem to have found the guy - and lo and behold, it's an insane Freeper!

I'm wondering if this guy will get tried on the charges he should be brought up on - terrorism.


Won't somebody please think of the wingnuts?

In light of the fact that Democrats now control a majority of governorships, the House, and the Senate, and both Rumsfeld and Bolton are jumping ship, I have been ecstatic about what could happen. I've been happier than I've been in some time.

But there's something that's not funny about all this. You see, our resident wingnuts, both commenters and bloggers alike, are probably very unhappy right now. I, for one, am worried about their mental health in this time of turmoil for them. The shock of seeing their one-branch dictatorship falling apart before them, and the very real possibility of hearings on the war, dismantling of corporate cronyism, and an effective plan for fixing these screw-ups that Bush and his gang have committed, may drive them to do something rash.

That's why I'm sponsoring a new initiative for left-wing bloggers: Wingnut Watch 2006. Adopt a wingnut blogger, or a wingnut troll on your own site, and monitor them for signs of severe depression. Together we can be sure that our favorite pains-in-the-ass don't disappear.


A bit of magnanimity.

I'm not gonna lord this over anyone.

I'm not gonna be as much of a dick as they've been.

But I am gonna gloat.

Gloat gloat gloaty gloat gloat.


Results coming in.

Indiana results:

House: Souder keeps his seat. This will be his seventh term, despite the fact that he said he would only serve twelve years. Another Souder lie exposed, I guess.

Senate: Lugar stays.

Illinois governor race: Blagojevich keeps the office.

Nationwide: Man-on-Dog Santorum LOSES!
Lie-berman keeping his seat. Figures - one of the worst people in Washington keeps his job, despite the fact that he should be jobless, penniless, on the street, sucking dick for spare change.
Sherrod Brown triumphs over Mike DeWine.

I'll try to update these as the night goes on.

The dirty tricks begin.

Shameless wingnut harpy bitch Laura Ingraham encourages her listeners to jam the DNC voter protection hotline.

The GOP is making robocalls telling people that they are on the voter rolls as out-of-state residents, and if they show up to vote, they'll be arrested.

Republican candidates uses the Emergency Alert System to transmit a political ad, thus forcing it onto the air.

These people are shameless scum, and they need to go to jail for this kind of voter suppression. This is the exact reason WHY we need accountability - the GOP thinks they can get away with anything, and as long as they control every branch of government, they can.

It's time to turn the rascals out!

Go vote!




I did!


Saddam sentenced to hang

From CNN.com: Iraqis react with joy, anger to Hussein death sentence

Saddam Hussein is being sentenced to hang for his crimes. I didn't think anyone did that anymore.

It's not that I'm not happy at this - this is one of the few people I think REALLY needs to die - but it's kinda odd this happens only two days before the elections, hmm?

Besides, if Saddam can be sentenced to hang for being responsible for the deaths of 200-300 thousand Iraqis over twenty years, one wonders how our leaders and troops could be held culpable for killing over 600,000 in about three.

Let's hope we're not next. And let's hope that Saddam's loyalists don't come after us next, either. That's about the last goddamn thing we need.