Won't somebody please think of the wingnuts?

In light of the fact that Democrats now control a majority of governorships, the House, and the Senate, and both Rumsfeld and Bolton are jumping ship, I have been ecstatic about what could happen. I've been happier than I've been in some time.

But there's something that's not funny about all this. You see, our resident wingnuts, both commenters and bloggers alike, are probably very unhappy right now. I, for one, am worried about their mental health in this time of turmoil for them. The shock of seeing their one-branch dictatorship falling apart before them, and the very real possibility of hearings on the war, dismantling of corporate cronyism, and an effective plan for fixing these screw-ups that Bush and his gang have committed, may drive them to do something rash.

That's why I'm sponsoring a new initiative for left-wing bloggers: Wingnut Watch 2006. Adopt a wingnut blogger, or a wingnut troll on your own site, and monitor them for signs of severe depression. Together we can be sure that our favorite pains-in-the-ass don't disappear.