More Proof That Rightards Have No Shame

From Pandagon:No shame: Republican’s FL billboard features burning Twin Towers
Businessman Mike Meehan, who paid for the ad, says he’s “only trying to help Republicans.” The billboard also carries a link for Meehan’s website, TheRepublicanSong.com, at which he says, “I claim to be a man of God” and promotes his political song and video.

Meehan’s song, which appears to have racist overtones, begins, “The Democrat secular progressive move, political correctness is killing us too. They want to take the money from the hard working man, and give it to the lazy folks that don’t give a damn.”

Even Republicans have found the billboard “inappropriate,” and many residents want it to come down. “I’m thinking about the Twin Towers, all the families that were killed there,” one woman told local TV affliate WFTV.
Wanna send the little shitbag a letter? Go ahead. I did. Don't bother being civil; the little turd has already crossed that line twice.

Oh, and a question for the conservatives who want to exploit 9/11 like this troglodyte: Who was in office on 9/11? Who ignored the warnings? Who ignored the briefing entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S."? Here's a hint: It wasn't Clinton, or his penis.

No shame. None at all.