An Open Letter

Dear American Female Voters...

Or, more specifically, "Hillary supporters who plan to vote for McCain just because of Sarah Palin."

I have a newsflash for you. If you don't like it, tough, this is LIFE.

But if you vote for McCain JUST because he picked a woman for a running mate... JUST because of Sarah Palin... then you were NEVER a Hillary supporter to begin with. Why do I say that, you ask? Oh, reasons, let me enumerate thee.

1. This is a desperation move by McCain, as well as one of complete arrogance. He thinks you're STUPID - SO stupid, in fact, that you'll overlook his promise to continue the Bush Administration's tactics, in favor of fawning over the boobs on his running mate.

2. Palin has even less political experience than Obama. Not to mention she's the POLAR OPPOSITE of EVERYTHING Hillary Clinton ever stood for - she's extremely conservative, anti-choice, pro-war, pro-death penalty, pro-big oil (her husband is an oil exec, for crying out loud!) and pro-big business - which means she would have no problem with outsourcing even MORE of our jobs, thus costing YOU money, in order to pad her buddies' bottom lines.

3. Did I mention that she's the exact polar opposite of EVERYTHING Clinton stood for?

4. Oh, yeah - and she kills puppies, too. That's right. Earlier this year, Palin allowed the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife to ILLEGALLY kill 14 young wolf pups in their dens (Alaskan state law - Regulation 5AAC 92.110(i) - prohibits the killing of pups in the den as part of "predator reduction" efforts.) And she supports the brutal and inhumane practice of aerial hunting, defeating an initiative that would have banned the practice with help from the "trophy hunting" club, Safari Club International. There's a reason she's called the "Panderbear," no doubt.

SO WAKE THE FUCK UP. Stop fixating on a politician's chest and using that as your basis for voting. It's their BRAIN that allows them to make decisions, not their BOOBS.