In light of McCain's Palin pick...

From The Bilerico Project: McCain Did What Obama Couldn't

To the author of this ridiculous load of shit, and anyone else who's kissing McShame's ass because he chose an anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-science, pro-Big Oil, pro-animal killing, corrupt, inexperienced, lying ass to be his running mate and tyou just NEEEEEED a vagina somewhere in the White House in a position of power, stay home on election day. We don't need you. Taker your sexist bullshit and go.

And yes, that is what you are. Much as you might sling sexism around as though it were your sole right to do so, you are no better than those you accuse. You think that voting against your own interests just because Palin's on the ticket makes you some sort of feminist champion? No, you're no better than a shrieking anti-choicer waving a picture of a stillbirth claiming it's a fetus while calling women in need whores.

By all means, don't vote. You are unnecessary.