Schellinger to run for Gov

From Blue Indiana: Jim Schellinger will file this afternoon to run for Governor of Indiana

The race for the Democratic nomination is on, or so says Tully:
Indianapolis architect Jim Schellinger has formally announced plans to run for governor as a Democrat. Many in the party have filed behind Schellinger and believe he is the party's best hope of defeating Gov. Mitch Daniels in 2008. Schellinger will file candidacy papers this afternoon.
"I think today is a fitting day," Schellinger said in a phone interview this morning. "Today is the Feast of St. Joseph -- patron saint of labor and the family."

Former House Speaker John Gregg has been another rumored candidate. But Gregg has said he will not run if Schellinger does. In a recent conversation, I mentioned to Gregg that many people believe a Shellinger-Gregg ticket would be a formidable one. He downplayed that, then said: "That has a nice ring to it. That has a very nice ring to it."
I'd be willing to throw my support behind this guy, but for one thing: I can't find anything that tells me what his stances are. Wikipedia doesn't have anything, Google gives mostly news articles and posts from Blue Indiana (especially the one I just linked to), and he doesn't even have his own website, just one of those filthy placeholder spamsites.

Well, crap - how am I supposed to know whether or not to support someone when I don't even know what they're for and against?