Mike Pence: "Sports analogies don't cheapen the deaths of soldiers... Really they don't"

Thomas at Blue Indiana points out something ususual: Mike Pence is totally crazy.
"One of the pieces of advice I give my kids when they are facing challenges, I say to them, you know, people don't like losers, but they like quitters even less. And I think we ought to reflect on that old maxim as we come upon this decision today. If this new strategy in Iraq succeeds in the coming months, what will those who vote for this resolution say? The truth is, we must fight and win a victory for freedom in Iraq. The truth is we have no option but victory. In their hearts the American people know this, and the American people are willing to make the hard choices to choose victory. Courage. Courage is the key in this moment."
You know what people like less than a "quitter", Mike? Death. People hate death. So why is it you don't seem to? There are more important things than your idiotic analogy, Mike, like the lives that are being lost to a war that should never have happened.
Frustrated GOP lawmakers are desperate for President Bush to do more to show how troops are winning the war in Iraq, and Indiana Rep. Mike Pence has an idea: Tell how many insurgents the U.S. troops are killing, not just the American death toll. "This is football season," says the Republican, who takes time to mourn with constituents who lose family members in combat. "People want to know if we're winning or losing . . . what's the score." Fresh from a trip to Iraq, Pence says he knows the score: just over 2,000 Americans dead, compared with 50,000 to 60,000 enemy combatants.
That's how much your children matter to Rep. Pence. They're a score. The deaths of your children in a country that has collapsed due to our warmongering and our continued presence there is nothing more than points to him.

You lose.