In Discrimination Against Non-Christians We Trust

This diary at DailyKos pointed out something I was not aware of. Apparently, those obnoxious "In Gawd We Trust" license plates I'm seeing all over the damn place and on the back of every vehicle that tries its damnedest to hit the scrapyard early, aren't just another idiotic, empty statement of a failed motto used to differentiate us from the "evil, godless Commies" during the Red Scare. It's a state-sponsored endorsement of religion. You see, unlike the other special license plates available here, such as the "Support Our Troops" plate, the "Go Colts" plate, or even the idiotic "Choose Unliving Fetuses" plate, this one doesn't cost anything to get. It's given without any extra fee.

And that's my main problem with it. I know I'm living in a backwards, hateful, bigot-filled, conservative, Bible-thumping shithole, but I don't need reminders on the back of every car, given for free just because Indiana apparently wants to support the mindless repitition of a discriminatory motto. Nor do I need my government catering to the people who need constant reminder that they've given their freedom of thought over to the voice in their head that calls itself GAWD.

All I want is a little equality. Or maybe a "Bring Them Home" plate.