Michael Weiner: Terrorist Supporter and Hater of Americans

From Media Matters for America: Citing more sex-change operations, increased lesbian fertility clinics, Savage said of 9-11: "That was God speaking"
So-called post-Christian times. The churches are emptying out, the bathhouses are filling up, the sex-change operations are speeding up, the lesbian fertility clinics are increasing around the country. And the country is on the verge of an insane breakdown.


And God, who is the center of this monotheistic religion, has said, "Oh, you don't worship me anymore? Oh, you don't like me anymore? Oh, I don't exist anymore? Really? All right, I'm going to show you boys in Hollywood and you girls in New York City that I do exist. But since you're very hard-headed, stiff-necked people, and you don't really believe that I exist because you've gotten away with everything you've done all your life without any repercussions, I'm going to show you I exist in a way that you can't believe." Down came the World Trade Center towers. That was God speaking.
Michael Weiner is the same as Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps, and Osama bin Laden: a pile of solidified hate, shaped into something vaguely resembling a human being. There's no heart, no soul, no thought, just hate for everything and everyone.

I wonder when Weiner is going to be shipped off to "Club Gitmo" for his anti-American, terrorist-supporting statements?