A draft we can all get behind. Except the right-wingers, and they don't like being drafted anyway - that's something for poor people.

From Calling All Wingnuts: You've Been Drafted
Alright - it isn’t that kind of draft. I’m drafting you for my Army - an Army of Wingnut Spinners.

This is the idea…

Most of you don’t know how easy it is to get on talk radio… you can do it - quite easily. And since it is so easy to do, I want to leverage our capability and, occasionally, flex our collective muscle by taking over a wingnut show… let’s put those fuckers on notice.

I have an idea for an action tomorrow. Won’t post it here because I don’t want to give it (or any future actions) away. All it would take is one troll running back to their evil lair and telling Hannity or O’Reilly or Limbaugh that we are about to ambush them… I don’t want to lose the initiative. Instead, I’m asking you to post in the comments your willingness to join the “Wingnut Spinners”. It will be an email action list of people wiling to call and push an coordinated agenda on talk radio shows. I only need about 15-20 people per action, so don’t feel like you are signing your life away - like I said, this is not a real draft… you won’t have to commit to every action.

For pete's sake, if there's a place open for any more of us, let's get our asses out there and help this dude.

"You can do eet!"