Moussaoui to rot in prison, not in grave

From CNN: Moussaoui gets life in prison.

I know people, especially the Freepers, are bitching about this. I know they're saying he's an evil person and he should die, but revenge has no place in justice. Further to that, he can't be considered a martyr this way. He'll spend his life in solitary in a Supermax prison, most likely, wasting away devoid of contact and the attention he craved.

Would those of you wanting him dead rather he die quickly and with a minimum of pain, or would you rather he be forced to live out his miserable life in prison? In all honesty, which sounds worse? And don't try to keep the blood from your hands by saying he'll be killed by other inmates - as I said, it will be more than likely he'll be left in solitary confinement. If you honestly believe that killing a man is justice, then be expeditious about expressing your feelings. Own up to it, grow a pair, get some hair on your chest. Tell me you think he should have been a martyr, tell me you think he should have gotten exactly what he wanted - a "glorious death" at the hands of "The Great Satan".