Judge: "Warrantless wiretaps aren't constitutional"

From CNN.com: NSA eavesdropping program ruled unconstitutional
DETROIT, Michigan (AP) -- A federal judge ruled Thursday that the government's warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it.

U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit became the first judge to strike down the National Security Agency's program, which she says violates the rights to free speech and privacy.
So, I'm taking bets on how long it'll be before the right's talking heads start screaming about "judicial activism" and "legislating from the bench".

But never mind that. I admit, I was right when I called these acts criminal before, and I'm still right, but it'd be very wrong of me to gloat about it.

Hell with it, I'm gonna gloat anyhow. Gloat gloat gloaty gloat.

EDIT, 15:17 08/17/2006: Guess I forgot that some of the talking heads will scream about "they want TEH TERRISTS to win!". Thank you, Ailingmoron, for reminding me.