Voting Machine Code Delivered Anonymously to Voting Machine Critic

From CBS News: New Questions Over Electronic Voting;
Mailing Of Disks Containing Maryland's Voting Machine Software Raises Concerns Over Security

Disks containing what appears to be software code used in Maryland's touch-screen voting machines for the 2004 election were delivered anonymously to a former state legislator, prompting election officials to contact the FBI and raising new concerns about the reliability of the voting system.

The disks were delivered with an unsigned note to former Democratic Delegate Cheryl Kagan, an outspoken critic of the paperless electronic voting machines. The note said the disks had been "accidentally picked up" in the state election board offices.

So lemme get this straight. Someone "finds" the disks with the code for Delacroy'sDiebold's voting machines and sends them to someone who has the good sense to be against having unsecured code tallying the votes.

This isn't a matter of "you misplaced these and I'm returning them", this is a matter of "you're fucking right these things are unsecured". Hell, a monkey can crack the damn things.

I'm hoping that I don't have to vote using these pieces of crap.