Clear the air.

I want to know something.

Based on how many letters I've seen in the local papers saying that secondhand smoke isn't harmful, that smoking is some kind of inalienable right, that smokers have more rights than non-smokers, that a smoking ban is tantamount to utter destruction of the Constitution, that it's all a "slippery slope"...

How many of those people taking this stance AREN'T smokers?

Furthermore, given the number of letters that say that secondhand smoke is merely an "irritant" rather than being harmful to health as has been proven a seemingly endless number of times, I wonder why the people writing those letters aren't doing important research as to what is and isn't harmful, rather than writing pithy letters to the editor. Heaven knows, you could make lots of money in the field of medical research, you pioneers of the field. Go! Go! For the good of your wallets!