Right-Wing Mailbag, "Damn Those Brown People" Edition

Wednesday's Journal-Gazette Letters Page
It has been said that terrorists have hijacked a great religion. I submit that Islam has corrupted its people.

Sadly, individual Muslims, out of a sense of duty or fear of their fellow Muslims, express little or no desire to assimilate into a host country’s social fabric and often advocate the establishment of Sharia law in their communities. They seldom condemn or inform upon militants. Those found out are considered traitors and subsequently murdered by militants. Witness Iraq. If American Muslims are one day compelled to choose between Islam or America, there is little doubt in my mind what that choice will be.

Islam is a problem. Sin is the problem. Islam is a militant and proselytizing faith bent upon world domination. Mohammed mandated that the world remain in a state of war until Islam rules the world. No, not all Muslims are terrorists. However, all terrorists are Muslims. Those in control, to whom lying, deception, coercion and force are virtues and murder and suicide are the paths to heaven are never to be trusted. Diplomacy and appeasement are simply wastes of time.

Infiltration into our country and many others is well on its way. Recruitment and the promotion of propaganda in the media, press, the courts and our campuses are in full swing.
Gee, doesn't this sound like the kind of person you want in your community? This kind of hatred is, sadly, both expected and accepted in this area.

First off, I wonder what kind of reaction a letter like ths would get were its target Christianity. A hateful screed like this against a religion whose followers weren't primarily brown-skinned and non-American would never see the light of day, and yet a tirade against Islam is printed, without a single thought as to how it comes off, much less a single check of the "facts" in it.

Of primary note is the statement in the second paragraph, "No, not all Muslims are terrorists. However, all terrorists are Muslims." Really, now? So the KKK, an organization whose sole purpose is to terrorize non-whites and non-Christians, is Muslim? So eco-terrorists who set fire to animal testing labs and SUVs are Muslims? So Timothy McVeigh, an indoctrinated Christian, was actually Muslim? So the Aum Shinrikyo cult, who attacked innocent people on the Tokyo subway with a deadly toxin, is Muslim?

Well, that's good to know. And here I foolishly thought that non-Muslims could be terrorists, thanks to many, many examples of non-Muslims committing acts of terrorism. Obviously, my observations must be wrong, since one person trying to start up a new crusade says that only Muslims can be terrorists. Oh, what a fool I was!