Okay Ronbots, here's a question.

What's wrong with this picture?
John McCain: 5.2 million on hand.
Ron Paul: 6 million on hand.
He's raised 22 million less than McCain, and somehow has nearly a million more on hand. Your grand 'fighter' who's here to save everyone, if they want it or not, doesn't seem to be fighting QUITE so hard. Considering the constant complaints of him not getting any coverage, of him not being given a fair shake - why does he have more on hand than the presumed nominee, or all but one of the former candidates?

All the former nominees with the exception of Giuliani (12 million on hand? The hell? Someone find out what the fuck happened there.) ended or ran down to 2.5 million or less.

Shouldn't your glorious leader be amping it up, to *Flails arms like a lunatic* WIIiIiIIiIIN!!! ?

And you fools keep sending him money. I look forward to seeing what he ends up having on hand after the convention, since it doesn't look like he'll be dropping out before then.

Ron Paul: Revolution(ary way to make money from suckers)