Michael Crichton: "HACK HACK HACKY HACK", Critic: "Crichton, you're a dumbass."

Global warming denier and failure of natural selection Michael Crichton responds to a critic by basically implying he's a pedophile and a shill.

Crichton's a hack, no doubt, but turns out his critic, Michael Crowley, has more than a match for him: He has a sense of humor. (Oh, and if the site pesters you to register, go here.)

Crichton, being a schmuck with no real talent for anything other than enthralling slack-jawed idiots and coming up with childish ways to circumvent libel laws, will probably have no real response to this. Maybe this character of his will return in the next book, perhaps? Of course, this comes as no great surprise to me, that someone with the sheel cranial density to deny the oncoming (if not already-occuring) threat of global warming would respond childishly - isn't that what they've been doing for some time?

And, for all the time he took to make an ass of himself, Crichton has already won an award of sorts: Keith Olbermann named him The World Person in the World on his show. Congrats, hack-boy: