Holy Joe: Hypocritical lying stealth Rethug bastard.

From ConnecticutBLOG: Holy Joe Lieberman the hypocrite: the pro-wrestling edition
It has become a holiday ritual: Joe Lieberman and family-research officials hold a well-attended press conference to decry the impact on children of excessive video game sex and violence.

And, again in 2006, Lieberman indulged in another yearly ritual: taking campaign money from the entertainment industry.

An analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan watchdog group, found that the Connecticut Democrat, who won re-election last month as an independent, received about $73,000 from a variety of industry sources over the past two years.

Among the donors were Linda McMahon, chief executive officer of Stamford-based WWE Entertainment. McMahon said in an e-mail that she gave money to Lieberman because "I make contributions to a variety of candidates whom I respect."
If I ever said wrestlers weren't smart, I take it back. Wrestlers are probably pretty smart (how else would they learn such complicated scripts so quickly?), but the people in charge of them? DUMB, DUMB, DUMB.

Truth is, I don't like Holy Joe at all. I really don't, because he's a major threat to the one thing I do with any regularity. Granted, so is Hillary Clinton, and so are plenty of other people (like, say, total nutball Jack Thompson), but Holy Joe's the one who gets the most airtime for this garbage. He's been trying for years to censor games, and the only thing that stopped him from basically getting his wish years ago was the self-policing of the industry through the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Even with that, though, he continues to try and throw roadblocks into the path of gaming.

If it were just that, I'd hate him, but it's not just that. It's the fact that he tried, time and time again, to convince us he was a Democrat, all the while voting with the right-wingers and kissing Bush's ass. He finally gave that up, mostly because everyone was seeing right through it, but the damage was done.

The sooner people wake up to Holy Joe's hypocricy, the sooner we can be rid of him.