On former President Ford

Today I turned on my TV to watch The Price is Right, because I want to see Bob Barker as much as possible before he retires. Instead, I see coverage of President Ford's funeral. I'm not disappointed, per se, as I know this is something that should be covered.

That said, it's obvious I don't quite understand all the praise being lavished on him. Ford's presidency was, to put it simply, before my time. I know he brought a sort of stability after Kennedy's assassination, Johnson's failed policies, Nixon's scandals, and the pain of Vietnam. I understand that quite well, thank you, as that is exactly what I hope for in our next President. That said, I've heard a lot of use of the words "unremarkable" and "mediocre" to describe his tenure. So why are we covering it with such gusto if it was so unremarkable? Is it because that unremarkability was what America needed, or is it the usual heaping of whatever praise can be found for someone who has departed?

The thing people seem to mention most often, besides Ford's apparent penchant for falling down (the possible genesis of Chevy Chase's career), was his pardon of Richard Nixon. That sets a tone that I, quite honestly, am worried about. That a man could commit a high crime and be pardoned is frightening. That he could be the leader of the free world and still be cleared of his crimes is terrifying. I do hope whoever our next President is doesn't do such a thing - call me unoriginal, but I hope to see charges leveled against Bush for his crimes against this country. Will it happen? Not bloody likely. Is it a far-off hope? You bet your sweet ass.