Caffeine-Induced Ramblings Are Always Fun

After working all night and drinking enough coffee to kill most small mammals, I'm ready to take note of a few things.

First off, Fa-loofah-l O'Lielly (both parts of the scumbag's name are links to separate pages, if you can't tell), Michael Weiner, Mann C*nter, Rev. Sunstroke Meathead, and all the other lying, cheating, shameless, spineless, hateful, dirt-eating pieces of reptilian shit who are busying themselves with out-and-out lies: EAT ME. That is all.

Second, people, stop bitching about Barack Obama "not having enough experience". I'd rather have someone with no experience than someone who ran everything he ever did into the ground.

Third, stop with trying to ruin every single person who says they're running for a presidential nomination, or is thinking about it, or is rumored to be thinking about it, or whatever. Enough about the bitching over Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Dean, all of them - if all you're going to do is find fault, it's going to be just like 2004.

Fourth, when did Ft. Wayne become so full of health experts who apparently have nothing better to do than write fact-free diatribes to the newspapers? You'd think, as knowledgable as they are about the human body and its reactions to harmful chemicals, they'd be making money hand over grubby fist in the exciting world of medicine.

Fifth, if you honestly want to believe the lie about a minimum wage increase being bad for everyone, try living on $6 an hour when you don't have any kind of steady schedule.

That should be it.