Keith Ellison: Portrait of True Awesome

From Pandagon: Zing! Ellison to use Thomas Jefferson’s Koran at private swearing in
What a slam dunk this is by Minnesota’s fifth district Rep.-elect Keith Ellison, the first Muslim sent to Congress. He has had to deal with the Christofascist bleatings of Virginia Rep. Virgil Goode, who claimed Ellison’s desire to use the Koran instead of a bible at his swearing in was “unAmerican.”
From Washington Post:

We’ve learned that the new congressman — in a savvy bit of political symbolism — will hold the personal copy once owned by Thomas Jefferson.
“He wanted to use a Koran that was special,” said Mark Dimunation, chief of the rare book and special collections division at the Library of Congress, who was contacted by the Minnesota Dem early in December. Dimunation, who grew up in Ellison’s 5th District, was happy to help.

Goode, who who represents Jefferson’s birthplace of Albemarle County, had no comment.
Note: all the incoming members of Congress take their oath en masse without any bible. This oath with the Koran would occur only in the individual private ceremony.

Oh, now that's a burn if ever I saw one. Finally, someone's standing up to the bleating idiots of this nation. Of course, I bet the freepers are having a shit fit over this...

...but fuck them, they don't matter.