In a bad relationship? Afraid there's nowhere to turn? Call 1-800-PITCH-MITCH. We can help.

From taking down words: Truth Be Told: Letter To The Editor Hits Proverbial Nail On The Head Honcho
Hat tip to the reader who forwarded this to-the-point letter in today's South Bend Tribune. You can say so much in just one sentence:
"Having 'My Man Mitch' as your governor is like having a really bad boyfriend: First he sells off all of your stuff without asking, then he starts nagging you all the time to lose weight."
Indiana's a little disillusioned with Bush's Bitch Mitch. I'd say it's high time he find some other job - like one of his old run-this-business-into-the-ground jobs.
1-800-PITCH-MITCH is not a real phone number.