On the recent mAnn Coulter clusterf**ks

Yes, I know Ann Coulter is a horrible person. I know that better than many others. I know she's a homophobic, racist, sexist bitch, and I know that the media can't get enough of her (or, rather,t he people who own the media can't). I also know that a lot of people will still indirectly defend her hatreds by saying that the Edwards campaign is "using" Coulter garbage for "attention" and "fund-raising".

The worst part, though, is the people who think ignoring this kind of crap will make it go away. It doesn't work in the schoolyard, and it sure as hell won't work with people like this. The TV network owners, the newspaper publishers, the book publishers, all the same people, and all with the same agenda.

Don't turn your back on something wrong. You wouldn't in any other situation, so why do it in this one?