Savage Weiner: "Boo Hoo, I'm Being Oppressed Because I'm a Paranoid Jackass"

From Think Progress: C-SPAN Gets Savaged By Right-Wing Radio Listeners
Last week, right-wing radio host Michael Savage was presented a Freedom of Speech award at Talkers Magazine’s annual New Media Seminar. C-SPAN, which aired portions of the two-day event, chose to not air Savage’s acceptance speech because the conservative talker only appeared in a pre-recorded DVD speech.

Savage is now claiming he is a victim of censorship. Repeatedly attacking C-SPAN this week as “fascists” and modern versions of the “brownshirt movement in Hitler’s Germany,” Savage encouraged his listeners to call and email CSPAN about their supposed “blacklisting” of his speech.

First of all, who would give a bigot like the Savage Weiner an award for ANYTHING other than his rampant douchbaggery? Second, this is a prime example of Weiner's entire modus operandi: Everything is done solely to oppress bigots like Weiner, and everyone who disagrees with him is the highest form of evil. Never mind that he's given an open platform to spout his racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, hateful shit every single day, never mind that he's given carte blanche to say whatever he wants without fear of the actual reprisal he so richly deserves. No, in Weiner's world, he's so very oppressed, and that's just an immutable fact that no amount of evidence to the contrary will ever refute.

On Washington Journal this morning, host and C-SPAN CEO Brian Lamb read aloud some of the emails he has received from alleged listeners of Savage’s show. The emails defending Savage are filled with personal attacks, referring to Lamb as an “ass loser Communist,” “pervert,” “bed-wetting commie,” and worse. Watch it:

But remember, conservatives have more class. Once again, the hateful pigs prove themselves as such.

Michael Savage is obviously not responsible for the content of these emails. But it’s worth noting that such attacks are standard fare for Savage’s radio show. According to Savage, MoveOn.org members are “rat-bastard Communists,” supporters of the Fairness Doctrine are “Nazis” and “no different than the Bolsheviks in 1917,” and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) says things that “Goebbels would be proud of.”

Gee, and I wonder where they get this kind of hatemongering from...