Obama's having a great honeymoon.

From CNN: Obama Transition draws approval of 4 in 5 Americans.
The 82 percent approval is higher than then President-elect George W. Bush 8 years ago, who had a 65 percent transition approval rating, and Bill Clinton, at 67 percent in 1992.

Those are some MIGHTY impressive numbers for Obama, especially with the hard-right declaring when he first won that he was the most hated President-elect of all time. Your words, let me feed them to you.

He's even won over 61% of Republicans. That right there, for the 'most liberal Senator' is an acheivement. He's polling higher than Reagon did on confidence in his leadership.

Meanwhile President Bush manages to poll 3 in 4 Americans.

3 in 4 who are happy to see him go that is.

You know what? I think it's important to let everyone know, again, that the problem most of us on the left had with Bush was never really that he was a Republican, its that he had NO idea what he was doing. Looks like most of the country agrees with us on that. Republican, Democrat? Obama is showing that doesn't matter, and never really did. A good President is a good President. And a bad President, is President Bush.