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From yesterday's Journal-Gazette Letters Page
Christians will pick up the pieces

With Barack Obama’s election, progressives, secular humanists and every other stripe of liberalism have won the right to remake the world into their own image.

It is time not to oppose the insanity the left wants to impose upon America but rather to embrace it. These fools are going to destroy the economy and degrade civil society to the point where Americans will warmly embrace the Judeo-Christian values and principles that were once embedded within the founding documents and instruments of the United States.

Let us give the left its way and prepare to pick up the pieces. When the real crisis comes, we can emulate our Founding Fathers and institute a second Christian, American revolution.

When the inevitable failure of the left’s socialist experiment arrives in a national crisis, God’s children must be prepared to promote, create and maintain a Christian, values-based framework that protects God’s sacred civil gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of property.