Ben Domenech: Filthy Goddamn Liar

The start of yellow-backed red-spewer Domenech's massive bullshit flood.

So the Washington Post's website has given over some of its space to lying hack Ben Domenech. As if that wasn't bad enough, his very first post is riddled with bullshit of the worst kind - the kind he's used to spewing without repercussion.

This is a blog for the majority of Americans.

Since the election of 1992, the extreme political left has fought a losing battle.

Wow, two sentences in and he's already lied twice. The right won't let you know it, but a majority of Americans support liberal stances on issues.

Democrats who have won major elections since 1992 have, with very few exceptions, been the ones who distanced themselves from the shrieking denizens of their increasingly extreme base, soft-pedaled their positions on divisive issues and adopted the rhetoric and positions of the right -- pro-free market, pro-business, pro-faith, tough on crime and strongly in favor of family values.

Oh, Ben Domenech, you nutty guy, can't you go without lying to us like that? Oh. wait, you're a wingnut, it's in your blue blood (there's an irony - blue-blooded red-state hacks) to lie about things like that. You got one thing right in that whole paragraph, and that's the fact that the right is pro-free-market. But everything else there? Lies, all of it. The Right is full of philandering cheats, so there's the "family values" bit out the window. Tough on crime? Maybe if those crimes are committed by brown people in the inner city, but not on larger crimes like, say, cooking the books of multi-billion-dollar corporations, or lying to the nation to get us into a war for no reason other than to line the pockets of the rich. So that's your "tough on crime" lie defenestrated. And as for being "pro-business", that's only if by "business", you mean "big corporations". Small businesses are regularly shafted by the Right because they can't afford to pump millions in contributions into corrupt campaigns. So there's another lie chucked unceremoniously. And "pro-faith"? Well, they're not big on most kinds of it - really, they're only tolerant of hateful, bigoted, hyper-end-times-Christian beliefs. Everyone else can apparently get hosded, if you ask them. So there's yet another of yout filthy lies given the heave-ho.

The fact that you got only one thing right in that whole paragraph is nothing short of amazing. Most journalists would be panhandling for booze money right now if they got the facts as wrong as you just did (Faux News' pseudo-journalistic talking heads excepted).

Yet even in a climate where Republicans hold command of every branch of government, and advocate views shared by a majority of voters, the mainstream media continues to treat red state Americans as pachyderms in the mist - an alien and off-kilter group of suburbanite churchgoers about which little is known, and whose natural habitat is a discomforting place for even the most hardened reporter from the New York Times.

And Ben Domenech lies again, this time invoking the old "liberal media" canard. Tell me, Ben Domenech, if the media's so goddamn liberal, why do you hear nothing but the bitching of liars like yourself, carping endlessly about how they can't get a word in edgewise? And stop thinking your extremist views are "shared by a majority of voters", Ben Domenech, as you know that's a filthy lie.

Any red-blooded American conservative, even those who hold a dim view of Patrick Swayze's acting "talent," knows a Red Dawn reference.

So does my girlfriend, and she's hardly a conservative. She'd probably punch you in the face if you were barking this bull at her, Ben Domenech.

While the mainstream media has been slow to recognize the growth in conservative America, smart Democrats have not. Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner and Hillary Clinton are not alone in recognizing that the unhinged elements of their base, motivated by partisan rage, Michael Moore conspiracies and a pronounced feeling of victimhood have dragged down the Democratic Party for far too long.
(...) Smart Democrats read this kind of rhetoric and recognize that if they continue to be the party of Howard Dean, the floor may be nonexistent.

You know, it's really amazing how wingnuts can't seem to go more than a day without another Michael Moore and/or Howard Dean bash. Of course, Ben Domenech doesn't care about that - after all, he's fulfilled his wingnut RDA of screeding by getting his daily dose of Vitamin M.

But remember, if we bring up all the failures who've popped up on their side of the political spectrum, we're told to "get over it".

Red America's citizens are the political majority. They're here to stay. It's time to start paying attention to what they believe and why.

I guess Ben Domenech subscribes to the Wingnut Rules of Truth - if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes the truth.

EDITED TO ADD: DCDL makes a good point here: If the current Republican administration doesn't represent what true conservatives want, according to Ben Domenech, then how can he say America is full of conservatives like him? Obviously, it's not, or those guys wouldn't have been elected, now would they?