A few snippets from pResident Bunnypants' speech today.

From CNN.com: Transcript of President Bush's Ohio speech

The following bits and pieces are parts I thought needed some clarification.

"Let America, their families and the world be proud of their sacrifice for humanity and life."

Translation from Bushese: "Let's be proud of the fact that I got poor folks to help me make more oil money!"

The terrorists who are setting off bombs in mosques and markets in Iraq share the same hateful ideology as the terrorists who attacked us on September the 11, 2001, those who blew up the commuters in London and Madrid, and those who murdered tourists in Bali or workers in Riyadh or guests at a wedding in Amman.

GOD DAMN IT HE'S DOING IT AGAIN! How many times must he and the rest of the nutjobs be told this: THERE IS NO GODDAMN FUCKING LINK BETWEEN AL-QAEDA AND IRAQ! YES, THAT INCLUDES THE INSURGENTS! I wonder how long it'll be before the wingnut talking heads start repeating that garbage... again?

In the Middle East, freedom is once again contending with an ideology that seeks to sew anger and hatred and despair. And like fascism and communism before, the hateful ideologies that use terror will be defeated.

Freedom will prevail in Iraq. Freedom will prevail in the Middle East.

Y'hear that, folks? He says we're fucked!

There will be more days of sacrifice and tough fighting before the victory is achieved. Yet by helping the Iraqis defeat the terrorists in their land, we bring greater security to our own.

Which is why we're basically opening our ports and such to the folks who harbored the 9/11 conspirators. Thank Shigeru that fell through.

And about "more days of sacrifice and tough fighting": Whatever happened to "mission accomplished"? Didn't we see Bunnypants on that aircraft carrier telling us that the major fighting was over? Didn't we see him with his stuffed codpiece and the flightsuit he's only worn a couple times despite being in the Air National Guard (though he DID dodge his duty) saying that we had won?


As we make progress toward victory, Iraqis will continue to take more responsibility for their own security and fewer U.S. forces will be needed to complete the mission.

If that's the case, then why the fuck are we building permanent bases in Iraq? Oh, right, because he knows that's a goddamn lie!