Freedom for Jill.

From appletree: Christian Science Monitor Reporter Jill Carroll is Freed.
Same story from MSNBC.

Here's the odd thing: her captors didn't treat her badly. They apparently let her walk around her room freely, didn't hurt her...

...it's a nice change.

Unofrtunately, the talking-heads are spinning this already. I've actually seen right-wing blowhards trying to say that this is some sort of terrorist PR move, trying to get the Iraq situation to look "worse than it actually is" (how the hell is that possible?!) when other journalists report it, then releasing the journalist who'll give stories of how well they're treated.

People are even trying to say that this may have been a hoax. What the hell? Are they that cynical about stories that won't end in "OMG KILL TEH BROWN PEOPLES!"?