Indiana's BMVs are choosing for us.

BMV approves ‘Choose Life’ license plate
INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosier drivers might be able to purchase a “Choose Life” license plate next year with the majority of the proceeds going to benefit crisis pregnancy centers around the state.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles said Thursday it has approved 10 new specialty license plates for 2007 – one of which was requested by the Indiana Association of Pregnancy Centers Inc.
Now this is just disgusting. I'm sure you're not going to see any "Choose Choice" license plates anywhere around here, but this? Oh, of COURSE we're going to offer that! And even worse, the idiots who actually get these things are giving money to so-called "crisis pregnancy centers", which are just outlets of the anti-choice misogynist movement. Our money is, once again, going to scaring and lying women into things they don't want to do.

I really hate this state sometimes.