The Lips of the Media and Where They're Glued

I'm given little choice in watching CNN. It's on the TV in the lobby at work. It's either that, or I sit there and worry about work constantly.

Anyway, I've seen some dumb shit on there. Worst of all was yesterday, when I sat there and watched the liar Cheney continue his lies, belligerence, and conflation. Several times, he conflated 9/11 and Iraq, and the reporter, like everyone else in the ass-kissing press, didn't say word one about it.

I'm not surprised. Ever since the "killing" of al-Zarqawi, the media's been kissing Bush's ass all day, every day. It's the same shit they pulled in '04 - all of a sudden, the scandals disappear, and we have all these "victories" for these shameless liars. And when people start seeing through that, how much ya wanna bet they start up the "fear/smear/queer" machine again?

Party of ideas, my ass!