Political news in brief, 6/9/2006

Ann C**ter's new book is out. And once again, the right-wing media machine is giving her time to spew her hatred of everything that's not just like her. She's getting decimated by lots of folks, even Bill O'Reilly, and she's just not stopping. I think it's time that someone finally arrest her for her frauds - the voting fraud she committed, and the fact that she's passed herself off as a woman for years.

Al-Zarqawi supposedly dead. Isn't this the third time we've killed him so far? And honestly, how is it we drop 500 lb. bombs on a man and he's totally intact. They gotta scrape our soldiers off the sides of their tanks with spatulas when they get blown up, and this guy's intact? Either something's fishy, or that was one well-built building and it was the collapse (or possibly suffocation) that actually killed him. Just a thought.

Senate votes down the repeal of the estate tax and the Homobigotry Bill. Hey, whaddya know, there's some folks out there with their heads on straight!

The House Republicans voted to destroy net neutrality. Surprise. Hope you like your favorite small sites to run like molasses. Tell your Senators to vote against the bill!

I think that should cover it.