ACLU Sues Over Plates

ACLU sues state over 'God' plates
The “In God We Trust” license plates that have quickly become a fixture on Indiana roads came under a legal attack today claiming the law authorizing them is unconstitutional for favoring that message over those on other plates.
The lawsuit filed in Marion Superior Court claims the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles gives preferential treatment to motorists wanting the plates, which also feature the American flag, because they don’t have to pay the $15 administrative fee that the agency collects on sales of most other Indiana specialty plates.
Naturally, the bitching has begun. The Christofascists don't want to have to pay for the right to advertise their kising of the Magic Sky Man's ass, so they're carping and whining everywhere they can.

I know this is goign to result in the usual hate being slung around - claims of "activist judges", the old saws about the ACLU "hating religion" and "stifling free speech", the smears about who the ACLU has defended (here's a hint: they do that because nobody else will). It's already happening, actually, and nothing can be done about it becuase these memes, started by far-right Bible-thumping hatemongers, are so ensconced in the media that they're treated as fact, and no amount of the truth can fix that.