EACS: "Okay, so maybe we won't fire you"

From the Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette: EACS reassigns suspended teacher
Embattled Woodlan Junior-Senior High School journalism teacher Amy Sorrell will continue teaching under an agreement reached Thursday with East Allen County Schools.

The agreement places Sorrell on paid administrative leave for the rest of the school year and requires her to serve a five-day unpaid suspension, said her attorney, Patrick Proctor of Eilbacher Fletcher Attorneys.

The settlement also relocates her to Heritage Junior-Senior High School in the fall. Sorrell’s exact position hasn’t been determined, but it will not be teaching journalism, he said.
Well, it's not a perfect solution, and I'm sure that the closed-minded bastards behind this whole thing aren't going to learn jack, but this gives me some level of hope. I guess maybe I don't live in that much of a backwards, hateful, bigot-filled, conservative, Bible-thumping shithole.

EDIT, 2:56 PM, 4/27/2007: The IndyStar article states Sorrell will be banned from teaching journalism for three years. Wow. Way to make yourselves look like total assholes, East Allen County Schools.