I fucking hate vultures. Not the birds, mind you, the type of people.

Ken "Answers in Genesis" Ham blames the VA Tech shooting on not enough peoople kissing the Divine Ass.
Instapukesack blames it on VA Tech banning guns on their campus, since, you know, guns fix EVERYTHING, and the right wing echo chamber starts repeating it.
Jack Thompson, the lying, cheating, game-hating, utterly fucking insane piece of amphibian shit, already blames it on video games, and Kotaku already has it debunked thoroughly.
"Dr." Phil, that lying pseudo-folk pop psychologist piece of shit patient molestor, is doing the same as Thompson.
And, true to form, Fred Phelps and his Klan are going to be staging some of their hate rallies at the funerals of those who were killed.

I swear I'm going to vomit.