Jeff Gannon: Spamming Troll

Hillary apparently took questions from a planted reporter at an event. Now, this is bad, no doubt, but at least she's owning up to it. Of course, the right-wingers are just frothing over this, pounding their chests and screaming about how EVIL AND WRONG that is. Never mind that they've done it themselves, not least of all in the case of manwhore/fake reporter Jeff Gannon/Guckert.

But it doesn't stop there. Jeff Gannon/Guckert (or someone claiming to be him) is trying to sell himself as a real journalist on sites that mention him. When people call him on being a planted fake journalist (not even getting into the fact that his day job involved sucking dick for money), he just reposts his list of so-called "accomplishments" and dismisses everyone criticizing him as being beneath him.

Perrspective put it all into, well, perspective.

Thank you for the update on your latest accomplishments. We're all very proud. We're especially happy that you were able to escape the National Press Club luncheon with Dick Cheney without getting shot in the face.

Thanks also for asking about what's new on this end. To recap, among other things, I have been:

1. Wondering what happened to your former employer and media outlet, the GOPUSA-sponsored Talon News, which shuttered its site following your resignation. I found a convenient Talon News web archive here. Ironically, the original domain is now being used for a parody of journalism.

2. Searching for the web archive of the 500 articles you wrote during your two years as a White House correspondent. Your previous and current blogs do not contain any content from before your February 2005 resignation, and the GOPUSA site only seems to have some of your prodigious output in its forums. Any information you could provide about the whereabouts of those 500 journalistic gems, such as "League of Women Voters Advocates Liberal Agenda" or "AP Reporter has Kerry Ties," would be greatly appreciated.

3. Hoping for some enlightenment on how and from whom you and Talon News received a White House press credential. Could Scott McClellan shed any light, or would he just say "Go ahead, Jeff" and ask you to provide the details. Or perhaps Ari Fleischer could help, since he claimed you were "just as legitimate as some of the fringe organizations in the room" and that you asked him a question at a February 2003 briefing held before the existence of Talon News.

4. Blogging on the ongoing PR fraud of the Bush presidency here, here and here. Any insight you could provide into the White House's use of rented reporters, purchased pundits, rigged rallies, scripted sessions, fake news and pseudo-science would again be much appreciated. Then again, I should probably just read your book; I'm sure the details are in there.

Thank you also for taking the time to visit and comment at Perrspectives. Please don't worry about me "feeling slighted" by your drive-by spamming of the site to, as President Bush once said, "catapult the propaganda." That's what Americans expect from the organs of the right.