Right-Wing Mailbag, "Damn Those Smart People" Edition

Yesterday's J-G Letters Page
What I learned from Indiana University-Purdue University Sociology Department: George W. Bush thinks lying, cheating, torture, taking away peoples’ rights, neglecting the poor, being a religious hypocrite, killing, incompetence and cronyism are all OK. Would you be surprised if I said this list was hanging on the door of a professor at the IPFW Sociology Department?

Honestly, whiner? I wouldn't be surprised - because people who don't fool themselves into believing that W is the Second Coming realize he's all that was listed there and more.

Then again, a letter like this appearing in the Journal-Gazette doesn't surprise me much. With more and more people realizing that our country has gone to shit, the 28%ers have to crank the anti-intellectualism into high gear, lest they lose even more people.

Besides, I'm sure that the folks sending their kids to IPFW want their kids to be educated - which means finding out the truth.

(By the way, I'm stealing this post title from Reverent & Free's Craig, who seems to have retired his site. I'm hoping he won't mind.)