And the hits just keep on coming.

Justice Department passed over Liberal applicants
WASHINGTON - Ivy Leaguers and other top law students were rejected for plum Justice Department jobs two years ago because of their liberal leanings or objections to Bush administration politics, a government report concluded Tuesday.

In one case, a Harvard Law student was passed over after criticizing the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. In another, a Georgetown University student who had previously worked for a Democratic senator and congressman didn't make the cut.
This is so freakin' immoral. The saddest part is I can't even say I'm SURPRISED. Seriously, this administration has done so much to destroy our country. Like Damian has said to me before, it's going to take 40 years to undue the damage done in 8.

On the bright side, and to the idea of getting started on those very fixes and changes:

Obama up 12-14 points in latest poll.

Hot damn. There goes the bump that so many were going "DERRR HURRR. OBAMA GOTZ NO BUMP FROM HILLARY." Awesome.