With enough rope.

McCain Tells Ohio Auto workers to go back to school.

“I understand the pain” of families affected by manufacturing job losses, McCain said, but he added that many “labor intensive jobs” were not coming back to America.

Instead, he said his job re-training proposals coupled with an “emphasis on new technology” in the automotive sector would boost employment.

Do I need to say anything? DO I? How brain-dead do you have to be to go to OHIO and try and drum up support for free trade? Old man river's not having a lucid day I see. And then, to top it off, his solution is for people, many of which have been automotive factory workers for decades, to go back to school for new training.

Now I'm all for further training, and growing with industry and technology, but two things: this need wasn't caused by natural progression, so something needs to be done on that front right fast - and it's incredibly insulting to people looking for answers, and simply trying to scrape out a living to be addressed in this way. My father worked in a factory for over 20 years, I can't see him responding to what McCain had to say, had he been in the worker's situation, with anything less than outrage and disgust.

Oh, and love that "I understand your pain" line. Real classy Mr. Millionaire. McCain just guaranteed Ohio goes to Obama with this little stunt, I'd wager.